7 low-effort Halloween makeup ideas

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Halloween (Oct 31) right around the corner. If the mere thought of dressing up for your Zoom party is stressing you out?

Check out these easy low effort makeup looks (and handy tutorials to guide you along). From creepy clowns to witches with spiderwebs for eyeliner, we’ve got you covered!

Pretty dead girl


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Put your contour stick or powder to a (scarily) amazing new use by following the lead of TikToker Nika.

Complete your creepy-pretty makeup with red and purple eyeshadow around the outer corner and under your eyes for that running on empty look. Bonus points if you throw in a black or red liquid lip.

Tip: Smudge out your lipstick for a more sinister effect



DAY 3 OF #31daysofhalloween ? Pennywise got glam - Wanted to throw in a couple of looks that would be easy to recreate for Halloween #makeuptutorial

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We still get goosebumps when we watch terrifying clown movies like IT and Joker, but this look is too good not to recreate. Pack on a liquid or cream blush with a dense brush in the boldest red that you can find on your nose.

With a red lip liner, create the shape of your exaggerated pout and fill in with red lipstick. Then, extend your smile line up to your eyes to create the iconic Pennywise U-shaped smile. To complete the look, try a simple red and black smokey eye and exaggerated falsies as a finishing touch.



What better way to usher in the scary season than with a cult-classic witch makeup look. This bewitching (pun fully intended) look is all about the details.

Instead of just sporting a smokey eye, try sketching out bat wings or even a spiderweb with a black eyeliner for a theme fitting graphic liner look. Finish off your look with a bold black lip. Disclaimer: No cats were harmed in the making of this look.



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A must-have for Halloween. All it takes is some black eyeliner pencil, black and white eyeshadow. For the eyes, pack on black eyeshadow and smoke it out.

Sketch out the nose, cheek bones and mouth with a black eyeliner pencil and add the black eyeshadow for more depth and white eyeshadow to highlight.

Jack O' Lantern


I wanted to try another pumpkin look #fyp #makeup #halloween #Duet

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No face paint is needed for this pumpkin-inspired makeup look. You will, however, need lots of orange and black eyeshadow. Start by creating a smokey eye with your orange and black eyeshadow.

Next, create realistic pumpkin carvings by drawing curved lines with brown eyeshadow. Once you’ve perfected your outlines, darken and define your designs with orange eyeshadow. Top it off with a spiky smile – using the black eyeshadow from earlier.

Embellished lashes


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♬ Spooky, Scary Skeletons - Andrew Gold

For something more low-key but still in line with Halloween, try embellished lashes. First, arrange your Halloween-themed sequins on your lashes. When you’re happy with the design, stick them on with eyelash glue. Pair your lashes with a smokey eye and gradient lip.

Star freckles


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Paste stickers of any shape of your choice across your nose and cheeks. Dust some eyeshadow around the sticker. Then, gently peel off the stickers to reveal your Halloween-themed freckles. Complement this look with neutral eye makeup and barely-there lips.

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