7 red lipstick lessons from Yang Mi

PHOTO: Instagram/yangmi_

A swipe of red lippy can instantly elevate your look, but the wrong shade and application method can add years to your face and wash you out. With that in mind, we’re turning to our red lip role model Chinese actress for tips and tricks to make sure our pouts are always on-point.

Whether you’re experimenting with red lipstick or on the hunt for fresh ways to pull it off, take your cues from September birthday star Yang Mi, starting with these seven lessons.

The shade chosen changes everything

Over the years, we’ve seen the “Return of the Condor Heroes” star sport different shades of red lipstick: Orange reds, blue-toned reds, pinky reds and dark brick reds. Our takeaway?

The choice of red lipstick can have an effect on your entire makeup look. Instead of sticking to your go-to hue, have on hand a few red lippies of varying shades and intensities and go with whatever fits your vibe or look for the day.

Try an orange red lipstick

Ease your way into the red lipstick trend by choosing an orange red lipstick. Not only is it less intimidating compared to a full on blue-toned red lipstick, it also does a great job in adding warmth and radiance to olive skin tones.

A scarlet pout is just as perfect in the day

Contrary to popular belief, red lips aren’t reserved for the evening. When done properly, red lips can actually soften your entire makeup look. Follow Yang Mi’s lead and pair it with a barely-there base and tightly-lined eyes for a daytime perfect take on the perennial favourite.

Go matte

A fail-proof combo? Opt for a rich, bold red colour in a matte finish. Yang Mi has proven time and time again that this combination just works.

Keep the rest of your makeup as simple or as statement-making as you want

Red lips play well with statement-making makeup like a smokey eye but we also love it when Yang Mi goes for the red lips, minimal makeup route.

Paint the town (and your nails) red

A luscious red lip is elegant in and of itself, especially when paired with crimson nails. We love how Yang Mi complemented these scarlet hues with soft, romantic waves, deftly drawn brows and lightly curled lashes.

Find your signature red lipstick

While Yang Mi has dabbled in many shades, as we’ve seen above, one of the “Novoland: Pearl Eclipse” star’s favourites is Estee Lauder’s 333 Maple Leaf Red.

This article was first published in Her World Online.