7 Singaporean lingerie brands to get sexy and comfy underwear from

PHOTO: Instagram/nakedandunbound

Is your lingerie collection in serious need of a refresh? Whether you are getting something sexy to surprise your partner this Valentine’s Day, spice up the bedroom life, or just after everyday pieces that actually provide support, why not throw your support for these homegrown Singaporean lingerie labels instead of heading to international brands?

These labels are created for Asian women as our body shapes differ from other demographics. Moreover, they don’t lack the stylish sensibilities and sex appeal to help you feel and look more confident.

1. Perk By Kate

Adept at using lace and baby pink, Perk By Kate’s delicate designs thread the right balance between femininity and girliness, so that all body types and personalities can feel confident in them.

Like most Singaporean females, founder Kate has a petite build and has difficulties finding the proper fit for her body type in the market, hence the brand was created to fill this need.

So if you find yourself in a similar predicament and want to use sexy lingerie to accentuate your sex appeal, give Perk By Kate a shot.

2. Susy + Bae

Susy + Bae was founded by Sheryl Lim and the brand prides itself on handmade lace lingerie. The products lean towards an exquisite and simple style, with lace trimmings and neat straps to give off a soft pretty image.

A special service of the label is that you’re able to make an appointment at their store to have your measurements done or have loungewear specially tailored just for you. So if you are not sure of what styles to pick or what size would fit best, we recommend heading to the store to get it properly sorted.

3. Chaloné

Chaloné is an award-winning lingerie label that has various stores dotted across Singapore. But did you know that the brand also has a presence in Thailand? The brand retails many types of lingerie and nightwear.

We especially love the Seduction line for its collection of sexy designs. Moreover, Chaloné has a wide array of silhouettes and styles so you’ll definitely be able to find out suitable for you.

4. Naked & Unbound

For all the cool girls out there, Naked & Unbound is a brand you can’t miss out. Despite the brand’s edgy persona, their designs focus on lightness and freedom so you won’t feel constrained.

Their unique aesthetics shine through the interplay between covering and showing off skin through motifs such as roses, straps and lace to help you feel and look sexy.

5. I'm In

Sweet, fresh and sexy, I’m In designs are created locally to specially fit Asian women. New drops from each season too, is also made with the aesthetics of local women in mind.

Another reason to love I’m In is their use of everyday women (take that Victoria’s Secret) in their marketing campaigns, resulting in a more personable branding that people can relate to.

The brand also has two stores at Orchard Gateway and Funan Mall where you can get your size checked and try on pieces before making the purchase.

6. Our Bralette Club

This lingerie brand founded by Chow Liying prides itself on being a size-inclusive label with a focus on bringing comfortable and affordable intimates to women of all sizes, including bras and bralettes for nursing moms. Plus, its range of designs made with different materials and offering different coverage, have affordable price tags, too.

It also partners local textile recycling company Greensquare to run a recycling drive for old bralettes and bras, which are then individually sorted and brought to lesser developed countries.

7. Bells & Birds

Not quite lingerie per se, but Bells and Birds specialises in romantic and sensual sleepwear. It initially started out with bridal accessories and robes but has expanded its collection, and you’ll find an array of sultry and elegant slips, robes, and bustiers in delicate lace, lustrous satins, and lovely prints.

This article was first published in NuYou and The Singapore Women's Weekly.