7 ways to have a wonderful stay-home Christmas celebration

PHOTO: Pexels

With Christmas around the corner, many of us are probably thinking of how to celebrate the occasion in a safe and socially responsible manner.

If heading out doesn’t feel right for you, why not plan a small festive get-together at home with just you and your loved ones this year?

And if this is your first stay-home Christmas celebration in many years, you may wonder: “How can I make it more enjoyable?” Here are some easy ideas on how to plan a wonderful stay-home party that will make 2020 feel a little better.

Play Christmas songs on repeat

t’s that time of the year when Christmas music such as All I Want For Christmas Is You and Last Christmas to name a few, come on repeat. Listen to them as much as you want for now because nobody will judge you for that.

Plus, having Christmas songs playing in the background will definitely add a more Christmassy vibe to your home, especially if you don’t have Christmas decor.

Light some scented candles

One of the quickest ways to transform your personal space is to trigger your sense of smell. So, go ahead and burn a scented candle to fill your abode with a satisfying scent. 

From calming to transporting, there are so many different options to pick from, depending on your mood.

Organise a movie marathon

Staying in for Christmas means it’s time to binge-watch all the movies and/or shows that have been trending this year. From Emily in Paris to Record of Youth (starring heartthrob Park Bo-gum), there are plenty of choices to stream on Netflix.

Or go for Christmas classics and specials like The Holiday and Mariah Carey’s Merriest Christmas to feel extra festive.

Try out some Christmas recipes

Love impressing your loved ones at the dining table? Then flaunt your MasterChef-level cooking skills by preparing a Christmas feast (think roasted maple glazed turkey, Christmas pudding, log cakes…) for them.

Better yet: Gather your friends for a small cookout as an extra fun bonding activity.

Or simply order in

If the thought of kitchen activities induces stress, consider ordering in your favourite food – we’ve got some great Christmas takeaway options here. To avoid delays in delivery and disappointments, place your orders early.

And while you’re thinking of what food to get, including Christmas turkeys and logcakes, bear in mind that it’s going to be a small gathering so avoid over-ordering to prevent food wastage.

Play some card games

Technology has allowed us to stay connected with one another, but what’s the point of having a stay-home party when everyone’s glued to their mobile phones all the time?

Ditch the phones and engage in some good old pre-Internet board games and card games (this bubble tea-themed one) with your family and friends.

It’s another way of walking down memory lane, and trust us, it won’t be as corny or embarrassing as flipping through old photo albums.

Don’t forget about gift exchange

Wrap up your wonderful evening with a round of gift exchange. Whether it’s meant to be thoughtful or prankful, giving one another presents for Christmas is always a nice gesture.

To reduce waste, consider swapping the paper gift wraps (which we usually throw away) with reusable cloth wraps.

This article was first published in Her World Online