8 fun, quirky bathroom designs with plenty of character

Bathrooms may not often be considered the main focal point of a home but it certainly adds to its overall vibe.

These ones take playfulness seriously, and may be just what you need to visualise how yours will look like. 

Interior designer Anouska Tamony's home was a playful mix of patterns inspired by her Eurasian heritage, which extended to her bathroom.

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She dressed the space in shades, including a subtle cobalt hue, then amped it up with yellow and golden accents, as well as dramatic prints in the wallpaper, blinds and floor tiles.

Subway tiles are timelessly chic but if you'd like to add a bit of panache, interesting shapes like scallops and hexagons offer a fresh spin with plenty of quirky personality. 

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This comic book-inspired wallpaper packs quite the punch if you're after a dose of unexpected, playful decor. 

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Or if full-on comic book wallpaper is not quite to your taste, do it like the homeowners of this industrial style Balestier penthouse did, with colourful comic-esque wall art that enliven an otherwise neutral colour palette.

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Wallpaper works particularly well in turning a small space into a bold design statement. Case in point: This Ellie Cashman Design floral wallpaper covering half the walls and beams that grabs your attention the moment you walk in.

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It's combined with black and white subway tiles as well as floor mosaics, a freestanding wash basin with gold fixtures for a style that echoes Victorian luxe with a classic-meets-modern aesthetic. 

A palette of light pinks and greys, combined with a curvilinear motif creates a light and restful ambience in this bathroom.

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Fashion and creative director Daniel Boey's three-storey semi-detached house is a reflection of his daring and innovative tastes, and it extends to his bathroom decor, too.

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Here, he turned up the drama for with a singular flooring style and pattern in black and white.

While her husband Raphael's tastes veer towards clean lines, metallic finishes and contemporary design, homeowner Annette Lee, who's a writer-director, is more into an industrial and vintage look with pops of colour.

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It's no wonder then, that this airy bathroom with a mix of vintage and graphic tiles is her favourite space.

The also added antique-style toilets and brass shower fittings to complement the tiles.

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