8 part-time cleaning services in Singapore for convenient housekeeping

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Perhaps your domestic helper has taken an extended break to visit family now border restrictions have loosened? Or maybe you just need a little bit of extra help with household chores now you're working from the office again? Whatever the reason, we've got your back.

For busy parents who might not have the time to clean the house regularly, part-time cleaners are a popular solution. It's convenient, and more affordable than hiring a full-time helper.

These cleaners usually visit your house once a week at a scheduled time. Within a few hours, they'll vacuum, mop, and dust all the rooms, and also clean the kitchen and bathrooms. Companies usually also provide services like ironing and window cleaning, although these might need to be specially requested, and can come at extra cost.

If you're looking for reliable and affordable part-time cleaners in Singapore, here are eight places to start;


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Helpling's cleaning professionals receive five-star hotel training and have at least three years of hospitality experience, so they definitely know what they're doing. Their staff are also all insured, so you can have peace of mind.

Besides the typical services, their standard cleaning package also includes complimentary interior surface disinfection using child- and pet-friendly disinfectant. If you require ironing services, interior window cleaning, oven cleaning, fridge cleaning, or wardrobe and cupboard cleaning, you can also request for them when booking.

The company is also a convenient one-stop shop for any other home services you might need - including aircon servicing, handyman services, and upholstery cleaning.

Helpling's home cleaning services start at $23 per hour. Visit their website here.


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With prices starting at $18 per hour, Homefresh provides one of the most affordable home cleaning services out there. The company provides professional and experienced part-time maids - but unlike part-time maid agencies, you won't find any complicated packages or agency costs here.

The company is fairly accommodating, and tries their best to cater for additional service requests such as ironing. To ensure quality service, they'll ask for your feedback regularly so they can personalise the cleaning session to your needs and preferences. So if you're particular about certain things in your home, you can be assured that they'll pay special attention to them.

Homefresh's cleaning services start at $18 per hour. Visit their website here.

Axgee Cleaning

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One thing that stands out about Axgee Cleaning is the care they take in selecting their staff. They've conducted background verification checks on their employees, so you know that they can be trusted in your home. All their employees are also insured and covered under CPF, which speaks of how they look out for their staff.

Their house cleaning package is also pretty all-inclusive. Ironing, folding of clothes, and window and grille cleaning are already on the list, so you won't need to make any special requests for them.

The company also promises no hidden costs, so you won't have to worry about additional charges adding up.

Axgee Cleaning's weekly house cleaning package is priced at $388 for four four hour sessions ($24.25/hour). Visit their website here.

Comfy Homes

PHOTO: Comfy Homes

Comfy Homes goes the extra mile to make sure you're happy with the service they provide. For starters, they try to ensure that you are assigned the same helper on a regular basis, so you don't have to worry about seeing a different face every week, or showing a new cleaner how you like things to be done.

It's helpful that your helper will be more familiar with your house and your cleaning preferences, and you'll be able to forge a better relationship with them. The company will also check in with you for feedback on anything your helper can improve on.

Their cleaning services also go beyond the usual. They offer window cleaning, changing of bed sheets, and machine-wash laundry, so you can tick those chores off your to-do list too.

Comfy Homes' weekly home cleaning services are priced at $388 for four four-hour sessions ($24.25/hour). Visit their website here.

United Channel

PHOTO: United Channel

If the name United Channel sounds familiar, it's because they also run one of Singapore's award-winning maid agencies. The company actually specialises in cleaning services, whether residential or commercial, and that includes providing part-time cleaners.

They have over 10 years of experience in training cleaning staff, so you can be sure that your part-time cleaner will keep your space in tip-top shape.

United Channel's home cleaning services start at $20 per hour. Visit their website here.


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Sendhelper has its own phone app, which means added convenience for you. The fast booking and flexible scheduling that the app offers are hard to beat.

Their house cleaning services also seem relatively flexible. In addition to the service basics, you can ask for additional miscellaneous tasks like oven cleaning, fridge cleaning, or changing the bedsheets if you require them.

And it's not just cleaning services that they provide. If you ever need laundry services, cooking services, pest control, aircon repair, or a handyman, you'll often be able to find them here.

Sendhelper's cleaning services start at $22 per hour for recurring orders. Visit their website here.


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Rooma started with the goal of bringing professionalism to home service. They take pride in the quality of their home cleaning service and go out of their way to ensure that your space is spotless. All their staff are trained and qualified - they do not engage freelancers or subcontractors - so you can rest assured that your house is in good hands.

They also have the added benefit of carrying cleaning products and smaller tools with them. You'll still need to provide bigger equipment such as a broom or a vacuum, a mop, a toilet brush, and pails, but you won't have to worry about sponges, clothes, or cleaning chemicals.

On top of that, they charge a flat rate per hour with no hidden fees, which is always a plus.

Rooma's house cleaning services start at $25 per hour. Visit their website here.


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With a dedicated app and an intuitive website, HelperGo takes cleaning convenience to the next level. The platform automatically removes any domestic helper or cleaner whose average rating dips below four out of five stars, so the house cleaners assigned to you will definitely be professional and highly rated.

For an additional cost, you can also request for your cleaners to help with grocery shopping or cooking - a service not commonly found elsewhere.

HelperGo's home cleaning services start at $22 per hour. Visit their website here.

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This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.