8 stylish homes of local influencers to take inspiration from

8 stylish homes of local influencers to take inspiration from

Our humble abode can look as appealing as an expensive or large apartment with just the right interior design, a tinge of creativity and a lot of innovation. Looking for inspiration to enhance your home decor? Here, we take you through the houses of local influencers, be they small HDB flats or landed properties, that are gorgeously done and boast an array of styles and visual aesthetics. You're bound to find ideas to steal for your next home makeover.

1. Jamie Chua (@ec24m)


One of Singapore's most prominent socialites and influencers, Jamie Chua lives in the house of our dreams. Her immaculately furnished mansion is a common background in many of her Instagram pictures, a perfect backdrop for her OOTDs.

With the help of Norman Yeo, creative director at One Stop Concept, Jamie's 10,000 sq ft mansion is the epitome of stylish modernity and luxury with an edge, with touches of marble, glass and wood. It's adorned with her collection of contemporary art, elegant accessories and designer furnishings. Her bedroom and walk-in wardrobe (which is a full-sized room) are also a sight to behold. You can have a better view of her mansion through her YouTube videos here.


2. Naomi Neo (@naomineo)


We're all familiar with Naomi Neo, another iconic influencer in the scene. Naomi Neo and her husband H welcomed their baby boy Kyzo last June and Baby K's nursery is one of the cutest ever. Following a colour scheme of white and grey (Naomi's a lover of neutrals), Baby K's nursery is both dreamy and cosy, perfect for both mother and child to rest in. For a better view of the nursery, watch Naomi's baby's nursery tour here. Naomi's bedroom is also simple but Instagram-worthy, with shades of brown and white dominating the colour scheme and frames of inspirational quotes found all over the space.


3. Mongchin Yeoh (@mongabong)


Instead of a normal bedframe, why not glitz it up with silver metallic frame like what Mongchin has done? You don't need to get an intricate design or a detailed form of architecture. Different materials can add texture and tone, injecting some fun and variety to a room. You could try wood or acrylic as well, for a different feel.

4. Wendy Cheng (@xiaxue)


Everyone should be familiar with Xiaxue and what she has done to her 4-room HDB resale flat. A lover of beach holidays, she chose a vintage beach theme and mentioned that most would opt for a minimalistic or modern look, but those two just weren't right up her alley.


Following a consistent colour scheme of blue, white and sand, her beach paradise abode was completed with oak beams on the ceilings, the beach wallpaper in the living room and various beach-related knick knacks that Xiaxue purchased at very affordable prices from Taobao, an online shopping site. For a complete view of her house, watch her house tour here.

5. Melissa C. Koh (@melissackoh)


Melissa's apartment is so minimalistic and stylish that it looks like it came straight out of a magazine. Her all-white apartment is decorated with plants as she believes that they help to purify the air and brighten up the interior.


The whole apartment's original tiled flooring was laid over with light woodgrained vinyl pieces, complementing the dark wood furniture. Brass and gold accents are also commonplace for a more luxe vibe. She also maximised space by having an open concept kitchen and toilet in the master bedroom. For a complete view of her house, watch her house tour here.

6. Brenda Tan (@wordweed)


You'll be surprised to know that firstly, Brenda moved out to live on her own at the age of 22 and secondly, she found the apartment of her dreams on Carousell. In her open-concept one-bedroom apartment that's around 800 sq ft, the wood panels and tiles on the wall pair surprisingly well with Brenda's personal painting collection, resulting in a contemporary-style vintage looking abode that's unfussy yet functional.


Despite the size of her apartment, the mix-match design makes for a rustic and homely look and feel. Psst, her diagonally-placed grey-white-black tiles (which were repurposed from the roof) are a constant feature - they serve as a cool backdrop to her Instagram posts. Have a better view of her apartment here!

7. Eng Ying Tian (@eyeletskirt)


A sleek monochrome theme like what Ying Tian's apartment sports is easy, simple and timeless. Her apartment effortlessly exudes simplicity and elegance with its bold strokes of black, white and grey. She jazzes it up with splashes of Tiffany blue and a bricked wall. The textured rugs in her living room also add a hint of pizzazz. Tip: Rugs can really define and spruce up an entire area.


8. Nellie Lim (@nellielim)


Nellie and her husband had their solemnisation in their new home back in December 2017 with barely any furniture besides a dining table, bed and her shoe collection (which is neatly framed in a display wardrobe). Fast forward, their four-storey house, which boasts high ceilings and vast windows, is now adorned with brass furniture, marbled and wooden flooring and velvet chairs, a true testament to Nellie's exquisite taste. You can track the hashtag #housefiftythree on Instagram or watch her house tour here for a complete view.


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