8 stylish Taobao decor finds for the New Year

PHOTO: Taobao

Chinese New Year decor doesn’t have to be all red and gold, nor does it have to involve major renovations. With these home accessories, it’s possible to spruce up your home quickly and stylishly — not to mention inexpensively!

We’ve done the legwork for you and rounded up eight of our favourite finds that’ll get your visiting relatives and friends talking.

Emoi bird lamp and speaker, approx $49.80

PHOTO: Taobao

This adorable little bird silhouette isn’t just a lamp, it’s also a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker.

You can change the brightness and colour of the lamp via a series of buttons located on the underside, plus there’s the option to connect to the Emoi app which plays sounds of nature to soothe you to sleep. At less than fifty bucks, it’s a cute and useful addition to your nightstand or kids’ room.

Stackable prep dishes, approx $7.30

PHOTO: Taobao

A must for households doing reunion dinner at home this year, this set of stackable dishes helps you save space by letting you stack your steamboat ingredients (always a pain when you don’t have a big enough table).

For the rest of the year, you can also use it for regular meal prep, saving lots of kitchen counter space. It comes with a hook at the back to let you mount it on the wall, but it can also stand on its own.

Colander, approx $4

PHOTO: Taobao

This useful colander lets you wash the veggies and tip out the water without risk of tipping out the food, too. The basket and container are easily separable for washing, plus it comes in three cute pastel shades.

CNY cutout decor, approx from $3

PHOTO: Taobao

Since there won’t be as many CNY markets and fairs this year, why not get your decor online? These cutouts are intricately beautiful, and you can choose from a wide variety ranging from classic florals to cute cartoon bulls for the new year.

They come in sets, too, so you can festoon your entire house with just one purchase.

Peranakan tile mat, from approx $8

PHOTO: Taobao

We’re head over heels in love with the Peranakan-tiled mats in this shop. You can pick from a variety of colours, patterns, and sizes (you can get a slightly oversized one and cut down to size if needed). Made from PVC, it’s easily wiped clean and has anti-slip properties.

Swan ladle set, approx $11

PHOTO: Taobao

Aren’t these adorable? The handle of the soup ladle extends upwards into a graceful swan neck, plus it comes with its own dish to rest on. The perfect addition to your table for a steamboat dinner, or as a housewarming gift to newlyweds!

Terrazzo soap dispenser, approx $5

PHOTO: Taobao

These stylish soap dispensers are a great way to incorporate the terrazzo trend into your home without a big commitment. They come in three shapes, and would look great paired with a stylish tray in the guest bathroom.

Pompom cushion cover, from approx $20

PHOTO: Taobao

Add a touch of whimsy to your living room with these pompom-edged cushion covers. These measure 50x50cm excluding the pompoms (they’re 58x58cm if you include them) and you have the option of adding the inner cushion for an extra four bucks.

This article was first published in Home & Decor.