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9 ancient Chinese sex positions to spice up your marriage

9 ancient Chinese sex positions to spice up your marriage
Spice up your marriage with your spouse by trying nine exciting Chinese sex positions you can do in bed or anywhere at home.
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Believe it or not, you probably tried different Chinese sex positions with your spouse or partner at some point. The names of the movements may not be familiar to you but once you read them, you'll know.

Additionally, these classic-sounding Chinese sex positions are not as vanilla as you think.

As you read on, we discourage you from judging the sexual positions on our list because of their names.

And don't be too intimidated — they aren't too complicated to try out in bed, or even elsewhere in your home.

China is one of the world's oldest civilisations, and it has had a rich influence on the arts, literature, science, politics and even relationships.

Not to be outdone by India's Kama Sutra, the ancient Chinese have much wisdom when it comes to the art of pleasure.

And though these Chinese sex positions are centuries-old, they can still spice up your sex life today.

Why do different sex positions matter?

For first-timers, the missionary position may be enough to reach orgasm. However, with experience, common or vanilla sexual positions can fail to satisfy you in bed.


Moreover, sex in bed in itself is not enough to help some couples climax.

This is where different Chinese sexual positions come in.

Most of the terms sound intimidating but the positions involved are probably intriguing to most couples. 

Furthermore, trying out the different sex positions we suggest can help you or your partner learn more about each other's preferences.

We also encourage you to spice up your sex life by trying the movements in other rooms in your home.

9 Chinese sex positions to make your marriage more enjoyable

In Ancient China, sexual teachings and sexual yoga positions were communicated through treatises and manuals given to couples to help them have more sensual and satisfying sexual relations.

Though these Chinese sex positions date back to 4,000 years in the past, they can still help couples today.

In fact, many modern yoga poses can also be great sex positions!

The Dragon Turns

In this Chinese sex position, the woman lies on her back and opens her "jaded doorway," (which is common imagery in ancient China to signify a woman's vagina) so the man can penetrate her about five inches deep.

It's kind of like a more specific variation of the missionary position.

After trying this, we suggest shifting to other sex moves that deepen the penetration.

This adds more variation to your passionate sex which helps make the orgasm more enjoyable for both of you.

Turtle Stirs

The next one on this list of Chinese sex positions involves lying down on your back and bending your knees while your hubby holds on to your feet and pulls them up to your chest before penetration.

The need for bent knees makes it unadvisable for pregnant mums.

On the other hand, we suggest you try out the Turtle Stirs position after the missionary. This intensifies the penetration because of the added tightness of the woman's bent knees.

You can make it more intense by moving your knees closer and hugging your legs.

The Tiger Slit

This ancient position involves a woman kneeling on the bed, with her head down, as the man, kneeling behind her penetrates and thrusts.

Just like the rest of these Chinese sex positions, do remember to be safe when trying them out.

Phoenix Hovers

The Phoenix Chinese sex position may be a bit on the tricky side.

To do this position, lie down on your back and hold your legs apart. Have your hubby kneel between your thighs to penetrate you about four inches.

Doing this passionate sex position may tire out your partner once things get too intense.

To take a breather, we suggest you shift from this position by sitting up and pausing for some foreplay.

Wrestles Monkey

The Wrestles Monkey is one of the Chinese sex positions that may give you a bit more intimacy with your partner as you are facing each other.

If you want to try this position with your partner, just lie down on your back and rest your legs over your husband's shoulders. Pull your knees up to your chest, and let your hubby enter you at a depth of three inches.

Rabbit Nibbles The Hair

This woman-on-top position is one of the more unusual Chinese sex positions. Wives can add this to their "sex moves to impress your husband" list.

In this position, the man lies on his back as the woman kneels above him, facing his feet for shallow, but stimulating penetration.

This sexual position is quite similar to the reverse cowgirl move. To add more excitement, you can transition from this position to the Cicada Clings move.

Cicada Clings

To do this Chinese sex position, lie down on your tummy and have your hubby penetrate you while he's lying on top of you. Or you can have him sit down as you straddle him while lying down on your tummy.

With this passionate sex move, the couple has the option to move in a rhythm. This deepens the penetration and often leads to more intense movements while doing the deed.

Fish Interlock Their Scales

Have your hubby lie down on his back, as you sit lightly over his body. As you do this, let him enter you slowly to a depth of about two inches.

The penetration may not be as deep as the sex moves we mentioned earlier. Because of this, this Chinese sexual position can serve as foreplay before things get more heated during your passionate sex.

Crane Intertwine Their Necks

As for this sensual position, let your hubby sit on the bed with the soles of his feet facing each other and then straddle him. This sex move is similar to different types of cowgirl sexual positions.

Like the Rabbit Nibbles Hair position, the Crane Intertwine Their Necks is a great addition to your "sex moves to impress your husband" list.

The position allows women to navigate the penetration to increase their pleasure. The shifting also intensifies the pleasure for your partner.

This article was first published in theAsianparent.

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