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9 beauty tricks Jang Na-ra uses to make 40 look like 20

9 beauty tricks Jang Na-ra uses to make 40 look like 20
Jang Na-ra.
PHOTO: Instagram/nara0318

In a 2015 appearance on the variety show Happy Together, South Korean actress Jang Na-ra asserted that she’s definitely not a vampire, finally addressing the half-joking speculations of fans looking to explain her age-defying looks.

So just how does the 40-year-old Sell Your Haunted House star look half her age? Ahead, we’ve gathered some of the cherub-faced beauty’s fountain of youth secrets — from her healthy habits to her daily face massage routine. You’re welcome.

1. Do a 10-minute face massage daily

Since making her debut in 2001, her enviable luminous complexion has had beauty lovers eager to know about her skincare routine. Thankfully, her secret to plump, juicy skin is actually super achievable.

The actress swears by a face massage to stimulate circulation and reduce puffiness while lifting, toning and sculpting.

According to Jang Na-ra, this technique can be used when you cleanse. She starts her face massage by warming up an oil cleanser in her hands before applying. Next, she places her knuckles on her chin before pulling the knuckles upwards along the jawline, toward the ears.

Then, she places her knuckles on her cheeks (near the nose bridge) before swiping it gently across her cheeks, toward her ears.

Moving on to the eye area, Jang Na-Ra gently places her knuckles on the inner corners of her eyes before creating outward strokes towards her temples.

Finally to relax her eyes and prevent the formation of pesky crow’s feet and dark eye circles, she uses her index fingers to apply pressure on her nose bridge.

2. Go makeup-free as often as possible


Jang Na-Ra shared this barefaced selfie on Twitter where she looked fresher than we’ve ever felt, confirming speculations that she is indeed ageing backwards.

She might spend hours in the makeup chair for special events and filming but Jang Na-ra always makes sure to give her skin opportunities to breathe.

Since a barrier of makeup can increase oil production, going au naturel can decrease oiliness, clogged pores and pimples. It’s no wonder she has such good skin.

3. Drink lots of water


We know, broken record, but water is crucial for that healthy, lit-from-within glow. According to online publication Vivawoman, Jang Na-ra drinks over two litres of water daily to stay hydrated. We’ll toast to that.

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4. Load up on veggies


A huge advocate for enhancing her beauty from the inside out, Jang Na-ra doubles down on green veggies, healthy fats, fruits and lean proteins. ICYDK, the actress is a huge fan of cooking and she often shares photos of her nutritious culinary creations.

Most days, you’ll find her piling her plate with leafy greens and lean meats, with her Instagram feed indicating tomatoes, lotus root and carrots are among her favourites.

5. Use an eyebrow serum


Sparse eyebrows are an unfortunate side-effect of the ageing process. While filling in your eyebrows can create the illusion of fuller brows, you should also follow Jang Na-ra’s lead and use a growth serum to promote brow growth instead.

According to the actress’s Twitter post, she uses eyebrow growth serum religiously to enhance her “Mona Lisa” brows.

6. Do workouts you love


The “Oh My Baby” star not only has flawless skin, but she’s fit too, as demonstrated in this picture. Aerial or “flying” yoga is a full-body exercise that combines strength and flexibility.

Also, we have no doubt that the inversions in aerial yoga help to boost circulation and promote a more radiant complexion. Bonus: It makes for cool social media snaps like this one. Jang Na-ra sure looks good doing aerial yoga!

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7. Go on walks


Staying in shape is not easy, but the South Korean actress manages to make it look so effortless. Jang Na-ra may have a packed schedule, but always makes sure to fit exercises such as a walk in there with any free time she has.

8. Use a moisturising lip balm

Lips tend to recede and lose their natural volume and moisture as we get older. This explains why it’s so important to use lipstick shades in natural hues to fake fuller-looking lips. Jang Na-ra shows her pout some love by applying a tinted lip balm from Jung Saem Mool to add shine and hydration.

9. Never sleep with makeup on


We might not have the full details of everything Jang Na-ra uses on her skin, but we do know that she believes in thoroughly cleansing her skin. And her cleanser of choice?

Ginkgo Natural Cleansing Tissue from Charmzone. Cleansing skin is so much more than just about preventing clogged pores. It’s also vital to rid skin of the environmental pollutants you’ve been exposed to, and remove free radicals that will break down skin’s collagen and elastic tissue.

This article was first published in Her World Online.

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