Actress Lina Ng shows us how she fixed her broken flip-flops in the rain and other slipper hacks you can try

PHOTO: Instagram/linang56

You may have encountered this scenario before: You're outdoors in your flip flops when oops, the strap of the slipper pops open, leaving you helpless and stranded.

What do you do?

If you're Lina Ng, a trash bag or plastic bag is all you need to save yourself.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday (Aug 19), the actress posted a photo, wet feet and all, showing what she did when the strap of her slipper broke while she was out in the rain.

Lina also had to contend with a face mask that snapped at the same time.

She wrote: "A broken slipper and a snapped mask on a rainy day! What can be worse than this happening together? Well… I fret not! Thankfully, I found a small black plastic bag to tie over the broken rubber loop. Tada… It looks like a black ribbon right?"

The 46-year-old subsequently posted on her IG Story when she got home to demonstrate the steps to fix her slipper. She basically strung a plastic bag through the tiny hole and looped it around the remaining strap before tying it securely.

PHOTO: Instagram/Linang56
PHOTO: Instagram/Linang56

As for the mask, she just poked a hole through the side of the mask and threaded the loose piece of elastic through before tying a knot.

Other slipper hacks

A search on the internet will also show you different ways you can fix a broken slipper when you're out and about.

Besides a plastic bag, which is a relatively easy item to procure even if you're out, there are other things you can use for a quick fix.

Buzzfeed's DIY site Nifty recommends using either a bread tag (the thing used to clip the plastic of your store-bought bread), two hair ties, or a washer, in the (unlikely) event you happen to have one on hand.

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PHOTO: Facebook/Nifty

Watch the video below to find out how it's done, but the steps are pretty similar. You just have to ensure that the middle stem of the slipper can't be pulled through the hole in the sole.

Another recommendation found on Pinterest includes using a paper clip, like so:

PHOTO: Pinterest

But hey, even this may work if you're desperate.

this is how we fix broken flip flops