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Actress Yvonne Lim says she and husband take extra precautions before touching their kids

Actress Yvonne Lim says she and husband take extra precautions before touching their kids
Yvonne Lim, a Singaporean actress and mum of two shared her ways of preventing the possible spread of the virus to her family.
PHOTO: Instagram/yvonnelim928

While we are told to stay home amid the 'circuit breaker' in Singapore and lockdowns across various countries, there are inevitable times when we have to head out of our homes for essential services such as getting food, groceries, or even travel to work (for some). 

Many experts have given their golden advice on how to best protect the family and loved ones from the deadly coronavirus, including a doctor who created a comprehensive checklist to avoid bringing Covid-19 home and a paramedic dad who shared his disinfecting routine.

What are some things that are within our control to prevent the further spread of Covid-19 then? 

Yvonne Lim, a Singaporean actress and mum of two shared her ways of preventing the possible spread of the virus to her family. 

Yvonne Lim and husband exercises caution after returning home

Currently living in Taiwan since January, the initial stage of the outbreak, Lim said in an interview with Lianhe Wanbao that she would hurry home after getting groceries, bathe, and change into fresh clothes before being in contact with her children — a 5-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter. 

And likewise for Lim's husband, Alex Tien, a former Taiwanese boy band member-turned-businessman. According to Lim, her husband has to head out for work and be in contact with people, making it even more necessary to adhere to these safety precautions. 

Lim also said that her husband treated her with caution when she came home from buying groceries. 

Initially, she said that she had not been "too careful" which caused her husband to be "nervous". To ease his worries, Lim now wears a mask and uses alcohol disinfectant when buying food. 

In light of the rising pandemic in Taiwan, Lim exercised caution by wearing disposable gloves to prevent "contact when giving money and communicating". 


With the 'circuit breaker' in Singapore and lockdowns over the world, online shopping businesses have become increasingly popular — online food grocery services are no exception.  

Lim said that she makes use of these services and only heads to the market to get fish and meat. All she has to do is contact the vendors — that she already knows — make reservations in advance, pay, collect and leave the shop. 

Yvonne Lim and husband did not let kids return to kindergarten

Both Lim and her husband decided not to let their kids return to kindergarten for safety reasons even after their winter vacation ended in February. 

She joked that her kids are "homebodies" who would be able to adjust to staying home. Even so, the couple did not feel sad for their children as they would let the children "play freely and happily at home". 

While Lim said that she would not force them to study, she will ensure that they do their homework regularly while facilitating their progress as a teacher. 

Extends concern to loved ones in Singapore

Although Lim is physically in Taiwan, her heart is with loved ones and friends in Singapore. Prior to the Covid-19 measures, she said that she often called her family and friends in Singapore to ask if they have made the necessary preparations.


Lim said that she is worried, especially when it comes to her godmother who is residing in Singapore, due to her old age.

She said that she often reminded her godmother to stay at home during this crucial period. Lim also emphasised on wearing a mask and washing hands frequently if her godmother has to head out. 

Through the Chinese Daily, Lim sends her regards to frontline reporters who have worked hard to inform the nation of the latest Covid-19 updates.

"Is everyone doing okay? Please take care!" Lim cheered them on and also reminded them to take care of themselves as well as their family in the meantime. 

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This article was first published in theAsianparent.

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