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Adidas Singapore teams up with Creators to inspire young footballers

Adidas Singapore teams up with Creators to inspire young footballers
PHOTO: Adidas

That Brand Centre is getting good use.

Adidas Singapore is continuing the official launch of its very first Brand Centre by hosting a session to motivate young up-and-coming footballers. The brand partnered with local and global Creators and Sport Singapore to make this happen.

Titled Sport, Is Here, the sharing and training session was meant to inspire participants to play football - whether they already love the game or have no experience with it.

No one is immune to football’s charms, after all. To really drive that home, the lifestyle giant enlisted the help of football legends Fandi Ahmad and David Beckham, along with Active SG Football Academy Principal Aleksandar Duric, Anders Aplin, Fabian Kwok and Iqbal Hussain.

The event saw the attendance of 30 young participants aged 12 to 19, led by the aforementioned speakers. Fandi Ahmad opened things up with a speech before David Beckham shared tips from his time as a professional athlete. The two referenced key events from their career to inspire their attendees.

Beckham said, “To be a top athlete it takes sacrifices, hard work, and dedication. We will go through difficult times and we’ll go through challenging moments, but you always have to believe in yourself, and your teammates.”

Fandi added, “The will to succeed must be stronger than the skill. Anyone can have skills, but to make the best of the skills you must have the will to work hard; the will to soldier through any challenge and hardship, and continue pursuing your passion.”

The young participants also got a more hands-on experience with Fandi and Adidas football Creators via a football clinic. It sounds like they had a pretty fun time, and hopefully wound up being a lot more interested in football afterwards.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.

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