This adorable Japanese chef who whips up equally adorable food is going viral on TikTok

PHOTO: Instagram/kohcooking

Social media content that usually rakes in plenty of views, clicks and likes are of good-looking people — such as the Burmese actor-model monk who went viral a few months back — and just about anything related to food.

This makes Ikeda Koh the whole package — the incredibly good-looking man from Japan is known for posting pictures and videos of himself posing with mouthwatering food on his various social media platforms.

He doesn't just whip up regular dishes, and one can expect kawaii creations that he carefully puts together all by himself.

Just recently, the swoon-worthy chef also announced that he gained one million followers on Tik Tok, which honestly isn't very surprising.

The 26-year-old first gained traction on the short-form video site in 2019 for his adorable food creations that have garnered millions of likes and views.

He also posts photos of his masterpieces on Instagram, where he has 92.2k followers.

For long-form videos where you can watch more detailed documentations of his cooking escapades, you can head over to his YouTube channel to binge watch all his food videos.

Most videos on his YouTube channels run for over an hour, but his charisma and good looks make these feel only minutes long.

Apart from his personal platforms, his growing fame has has landed him acting opportunities in the Japanese entertainment scene, and he has participated in cooking-themed television series like Grand Maison Tokyo.