We try some affordable food delivery services which means you don’t have to cook at all while staying home

Social media feeds in the days of the circuit breaker are filled with home cooks and bakers showing off their culinary skills. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with cooking genes and some of us are just culinarily-challenged.

Does the inability to cook mean going hungry if you want to strictly practise social distancing? Thankfully no, thanks to the delivery services that continue to bring delicious meals direct to our doorstep, with contactless options no less.

No matter what your food preferences are, the good news is that there are many affordable options available and here are some that you can go check out.

For those who like their good ol' hawker fare: WhyQ

The popular Singapore-style ramen from A Noodle Story is available on WhyQ. PHOTO: Facebook/ANoodleStory

Can't live without your weekly dose of chicken rice and char kway teow? Have no fear, WhyQ delivery service is dedicated exclusively to ensuring that Singapore residents get their favourite hawker dishes delivered to them, even during this circuit breaker.

While there are other services that deliver hawker food, what sets WhyQ apart is its low, fixed delivery fee of just $1.50 per meal ordered, with no minimum order. This is the lowest delivery fee in the market, perfect if you are ordering in for just one person.

The only catch is that your options are limited to food centres in your vicinity. This means that you won't be able to tuck into chicken rice from Maxwell Food Centre if you are staying at either end of the island. Still, if you have a favourite neighbourhood stall that you frequent, you can get your fix without stepping out of the house.

WhyQ in a nutshell: When you have hawker food cravings that the kitchen at home cannot satisfy.

For those who like home-cooked food sans the cooking at home: Tingkat

A popular option for working adults even before the circuit breaker, tingkat services provide three dishes and one soup, the quintessential Chinese family meal, delivered right to your doorstep.

This is perfect for those who like a variety of dishes when they eat. Some services even promise that you won't be delivered the same dish within the month and you can view the menu for the entire month before you place your order. Decide once, and you have your meals settled; no more pondering over what to eat for every meal.

The potential dealbreaker is that tingkat services usually require you to order for a minimum of two people and for a fixed, extended period.

If that sounds like too much of a commitment for a service that you aren't sure is suited to your tastes, trial packages of five days are available and there are even one-pax options. Of course, the per person price decreases when you order for more people or sign up for a longer package.

One point in favour of tingkat services is that it is the greener choice as food delivery tends to involve a lot of disposable containers and cutlery. Tingkat, on the other hand, can be delivered in metal tins that will be collected the next day when subsequent meals are sent. Do check with the company before you place your order if you are pro-environment.

One place you can find various tingkat services is FoodLine. From now till April 30, receive $500 worth of food vouchers and a $30 Golden Ticket with any order above $300. Learn more here.

Tingkat services in a nutshell: When you have to order meals for a group of people, want a variety of food and don't want to spend time choosing what to eat every day.

For those who want to eat clean: Nutrition Kitchen

PHOTO: Facebook/nutritionkitchenhk

Staying in usually means expending less energy, and it's simple math: the fewer calories you burn, the more likely that weight will pile on. Enter Nutrition Kitchen, whose meals are designed by personal trainers that break it down to the macronutrients you require.

Suitable for those who are watching their waistline or looking to bulk up, choose from four types of meals depending on your goal and commit to a package (minimum of five days with the option of two or three meals daily).

If you're worried that there might be something you won't enjoy, you can pick and choose from the available meals for the day, with menus available in five-week cycles. All your meals for the day get delivered to you before noon and there are no additional delivery charges.

Prices are on the higher side but comparable to having a salad in the CBD. The drawback is that each cycle starts on a Monday and you have to place your order by Friday 12pm the week before. You also can't choose to have your meals only on selected days; it has to be from Monday to Friday, and they don't deliver on weekends.

Nutrition Kitchen in a nutshell: When you like to know the breakdown of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in your meal, have a health goal you'll like to achieve or generally eat clean.

In our latest episode of Unwrapped, host Jarvis Quek gives these food delivery services a whirl and shares his thoughts on the grub they deliver. Check it out and you might be tempted to try them for yourself.