Affordable mahjong-themed items perfect for CNY (and after!)

Affordable mahjong-themed items perfect for CNY (and after!)
PHOTO: Lazada, Shoppee

Chinese New Year is only a month away and to all Mahjong lovers out there: we know you’re itching to get playing. There’s nothing quite like having a good hand (or maybe a winning one!) and strategically playing your tiles right.

To give you more luck this CNY, we have created a list of affordable cute and chic Mahjong-themed items for you to get your hands on. From Airpod cases to surprisingly elegant hair ties, there’s something for everyone who likes to shout ‘pong!’.

Organic cotton unisex Mahjong tshirt, $15.66, from Shopee

With graphics representing Mahjong essentials (dices, tiles from all five patterns, and the must-have ‘every bet will win’), this shirt is the go-to outfit for any game.

It’s available in red, black, white, pink, yellow, and purple, and is made up of 100 per cent organic cotton for feel-good comfort while you play.

Buy it here.

Mahjong rings, $1.72, from Lazada

Wear your luck on your hands this CNY with these elegant and chic beaded rings. They currently have four available designs; 南, 中, 發, and the soap tile.

It is made of alloy and while it’s not the best material out there, for the price, we think it’s well worth it.

Buy it here.

Mahjong hair ties, $3.52 for one and $4.84 for two, from Shopee

These hair ties are great for when you’re in a serious match and the heat is starting to get to you. And, well, it just looks good in any situation.

In various designs of red and black strings with different charms, feel free to mix and match and get two for $4.84 ($2.20 off!).

Buy it here.

Mahjong nail stickers, from $1.10 per sheet, from Shopee

No need to head to the salon for CNY nails this year. Get these gorgeous nail stickers to show off your love for the game. With stickers for all designs on the 144 tiles, your nails can be entirely customised to your preferences. It doesn’t get much better than this!

Buy it here.

Mahjong iPhone phone case, $5.03, from Shopee

When you play, the only outcome you want is one where you’re one walking away with the most money. This delightful phone case with vibrant graphics against a neutral background may be just what you need to look the part of a winner.

And don’t fret if you are sporting older models, because the cases are available from iPhone 7 to the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Buy it here.

Mahjong perfume balm, $2.79, from Shopee

Want to change up your perfume game this CNY? These Mahjong perfume balms are adorable choices. There are seven different scents such as Silver Mountain Spring, Blue Wind Chimes, Grapefruit Paradise, and more!

With such adorable packaging, we can only imagine how great it would feel to pull this out and layer it onto your wrist before you shuffle the tiles.

Buy it here.

Mahjong face mask, $14, from Lazada

We don’t have a lot to go on, but if take a look at last year, we had to wear masks while playing Mahjong, so it’s not that much of a stretch to say we might have to do it again this CNY. To really get in the mood, how about ditching your normal face mask for this one instead?

Made by local brand Sewhuat, they are reversible with a solid colour of your choice. It also has adjustable straps for your comfort.

Buy it here.

Mahjong pillow stuffed toys, $13.02, from Lazada

Spruce your house up with these comfortable cushions that will add a pop of colour (or pop of colours) to your home. There are two types you can get – one is meant as a backrest while the other serves as a normal pillow.

There are 14 designs to choose from, so go crazy with your purchases!

Buy it here.

Mahjong Airpod cases, $6, from Shopee

Clear Airpod cases, anybody? Slide your Airpod cases into the covers and be prepared for the designs’ vibrant colours to stand out against the white background. With a mini keychain to go along with it, it will be perfectly fashionable to have it dangling out of your pocket or your pouch.

Buy it here.

Mahjong squeeze toy keychains, $3.30, from Lazada

Bring out your inner child (or just give in to your mischievous side) with these keychains. The designs make us want to laugh and it is also the perfect size to hold in our hands. Not just that, but press it and a high pitched sound will come out (much like a dog toy, now that we think about it).

It’s great for those who can’t seem to sit still and needs something to fidget with. But just don’t do it outside!

Buy it here.

This article was first published in The Singapore Women's Weekly.

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