All slots filled: Overwhelming demand for Hiap Joo banana cake and other Malaysia treats, group buy owner to open more slots

All slots filled: Overwhelming demand for Hiap Joo banana cake and other Malaysia treats, group buy owner to open more slots
From left: Hiap Joo banana cake, frozen Kam Long Ah Zai fish head curry
PHOTO: Instagram/pioneergroupbuy

When there's a will, there's a way.

And certainly for Singaporeans, nothing gets in the way of our love for food, even if it's food items from across the Causeway.

42-year-old Brenda Tan is proof of that. Thanks to Covid-19 and the borders between Singapore and Malaysia shut for leisure travel for the rest of the year, Tan looked into other means of obtaining the banana cake from Johor Bahru's Hiap Joo that is well-loved in her family. 


Speaking to 8 Days, she shared that she found a food importer who ties up with Hiap Joo and could bring the cakes in. 

She then decided to open up orders to fellow Singaporeans on Instagram (@pioneergroupbuy). 

A box of ten slices costs $10 each. Buy two or more, and it drops to $8 per box. This is of course more costly than what the bakery sells it for — RM9.60 (S$3.16) — but it's a small price to pay for something that you have been craving, right?

Another catch is that you'll have to pick it up from Tan's place in Pioneer (hence the name of her Instagram account) or Pioneer MRT station. Otherwise delivery is upwards of $8 per location.

And Tan didn't just stop at Hiap Joo's banana cake. On her Instagram account, you'll find other treats from Malaysia up for pre-order.  

However, if you are keen to jump on it for your fill of banana cake and other Malaysian goodies, you'll have to wait a little longer.   

As more Singaporeans have heard about her group buys, as of midday today (Sept 3), all her slots for orders have been filled. 


Citing "overwhelming interest", Tan wrote that there will be future group buy dates and items that she will share on Instagram in the future. 

For now, here are some of the other food items from Malaysia that Tan has shared that you can order through Pioneer Group Buy.

Frozen Kam Long Ah Zai fish head curry


The popular eatery near the Johor Bahru checkpoint always has a queue for its fish head curry. While having it freshly made and served in front of you is no longer an option now, you can get your own fresh fish head and replicate it at home. Each 1.5kg pack costs $16.

Tong Huat's tau sar piah 


A treat that many consider a must-buy when in Kluang, Johor. Each mung bean-filled pastry is made by hand, and the confectionary frequently sees long lines. 

If you have your eye on any of these treats from across the Causeway, for now, Tan's Pioneer Group Buy might be your best bet, that is when she opens up orders again.

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