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The art of refined living as a fresh grad: Budget hunting with Grab's affordability features

The art of refined living as a fresh grad: Budget hunting with Grab's affordability features
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Stepping into the world after graduation brings a whole gauntlet of challenges. Sometimes it may feel like you're entering a maze filled with uncertainties, all while trying to get your finances in order.

With big ticket items like a house and renovation on the horizon, I threw myself into work soon after graduation. I rejoiced after saving my first $10k but, boy was it tiring penny pinching on a fresh grad's pay.

This lifestyle was starting to give me serious burnout until a chance encounter with a Grab driver changed everything. The kind stranger offered a simple yet profound solution during a small talk: "Sometimes we need to treat ourselves to a good meal - it makes it all worth it. Or else why do we work so hard?"

Beyond ferrying me to my destination, this wise sage sent me on a journey to create a sustainable, no-trade-offs lifestyle for myself - one where I could relish life's finer aspects while still living within my means and securing my future.

I've found just the way to do that, and I'm sharing three small changes that made all the difference! Read on to discover them.

Celebrate wins at your favourite restaurants (but bring your vouchers)

Most of us aren't living the high life, but celebrating our wins - big or small - just makes everything feel a bit fancier.

To make your celebrations a little sweeter, seek out Grab's Dine-In Deals. If you're a budget hunter like me, Grab offers value for money deals throughout the week. 

In fact, I spent last Friday out at Harry's and used a sweet 1-for-1 Heineken pints voucher, saving me $10. The whole catch-up session with two friends only cost me a total of $40 and it was definitely worth it.

With these deals, you can celebrate without worrying about breaking the bank, and just focus on basking in your victories.

Treats go a long way (and they're best shared with friends!)

Refined living is all about giving yourself treats to brighten up your everyday life. And while treating yourself is fantastic, sharing them with friends adds an extra layer of joy.

To spread the good vibes, how about using GrabFood's Group Order feature and inviting your colleagues to join you on an impromptu bubble tea party?

On Tuesdays, I would usually organise a group bubble tea order, sending over the link or showing the in-app QR code for my colleagues to join my group order. Plus, if we're not in a rush to get our drinks, I would also click on the Saver Delivery option for some extra savings.

This week's bubble tea spree set me back only $5.24, which means I'm saving an average of $12 since I get to avoid the small order fee by ordering in a group! Plus, a Group Order also means I'm splitting the delivery fee with my group for even more savings. Balancing my budget while still enjoying small indulgences every now and then? Cheers to finding that sweet spot!

Prioritise your time and energy

Time and energy are important social currencies, and how you spend them pretty much shapes the kind of life you live.

For me, squeezing into a crowd on a train at peak hour for 60 minutes leaves me exhausted by the time I'm tapping out for the day.

Knowing this, I've incorporated taking GrabShare and GrabHitch into my schedule and budget. The best part? It's more affordable than regular Grab rides. Monday Grab rides from the office to my home could cost me up to $20 for a 15-minute journey, but with Grabshare, the ride only costs an average of $13. The ride does take slightly longer, but I'll be at my destination before I can finish catching up on the evening news.

The art of refined living as a fresh grad

With these Grab features, you can now treat yourself to some unforgettable experiences that will level up your lifestyle - be it through thoughtful gifts, celebratory moments, or those delightful car ride conversations.

Personally, I'm gearing up to get a GrabUnlimited subscription, netting myself the biggest savings for just $5.99 a month with delivery vouchers, discounts and offsets on my delivery fees!

Plus, GrabUnlimited users always get more discounts, making it a game changer for those of us on the refined living pursuit.

For more details about Grab's affordable options, visit Inside Grab here.

This article is brought to you in partnership with Grab Singapore.

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