This auntie accessory is making a comeback and we're here for it

PHOTO: Instagram/bellahadid

Pearl barrettes and hair clips that screamed "WERK" or "QUEEN" have had their time in the social media limelight. But if what the fash pack comprising Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber are wearing is anything to go by, claw clips, also known as butterfly clips, are making a comeback.

While these claw clips have long been synonymous with the Karens (a.k.a. your friendly, neighbourhood aunties) of Singapore, we reckon that it is time this '90s hair accessory made its comeback, alongside the scrunchie and headband.

Besides their retro impact, there's another reason why we love claw clips. Unlike a hair tie, these clips don't leave us with a tension headache while they work effectively to hold hair away from our faces.

If you are finding it difficult for the clip to hold the hair in place, you can a) switch to a bigger claw clip or b) give your ponytail a couple of twists before clipping it in place. Here are some you can consider adding to your hair accessories stash.

Basic small claw clip black, $1.75, from Guardian

PHOTO: Guardian 

Petite clips like these are great to hold back small sections of hair, such as the fringe, or create parted looks.

Open shape claw clip in gold, US$9 (S$12.61), from Kitsch

PHOTO: Kitsch 

For something more modern, try the open-style clips from Kitsch. It is also available in various colours and sizes.

Black studded hair claw, $12, from Lovisa

PHOTO: Lovisa

If you can't forgo your love of pearl barrettes, try easing yourself into the claw clip with this studded iteration.

Rectangle tortoiseshell claw clip, $8, from Lovisa

PHOTO: Lovisa

Clean lines and minimalist silhouette make this perfect if you're looking for something fuss-free. Plus, tortoiseshell is a classic print and likely to look good with all your outfits.

Cut-out bulldog hair clips, $11, from Accessorize

PHOTO: Accessorize

This style is very popular with mums and aunts. If you don't want to be seen wearing these in public, you can always reserve them for when you're at home in your comfy pyjamas and using a face mask.

Set of hair clips, $14.90, from Bershka

PHOTO: Bershka 

If you love bright colours, these neon hair clips are right up your alley.

Balmain Paris hair couture large acetate hair clip in white, US$79.49, from Net-A-Porter

PHOTO: Net-A-Porter

If you're feeling bougie and want to spend a little dough, invest in these sleek Balmain clips. You can get them in black and tortoiseshell too.