Bar review: Nineteen80's Pinball Wizard brings the retro classic back with drinks and music

Bar review: Nineteen80's Pinball Wizard brings the retro classic back with drinks and music

Themed bars are an interesting part of Singapore's lively bar scene.

With the resurgence of everything retro, it's no surprise that Phat Cat Collective, the minds behind retro arcade bar and discotheque NINETEEN80 at Tanjong Pagar, has launched its second bar and club concept, Pinball Wizard.

The new space draws inspiration from the vintage glory days of the pinball machine, with imaginative drinks and music of the 90s mixed with 00s and current hits.

Pinball Wizard aims to shake things up at Sim Lim Square, breathing fresh life into the iconic building that has become known as the largest hub for gadgets and tech in Singapore.

As the first concept bar in the line up of hip cafes and retail spaces that aim to rejuvenate the IT mall, Pinball Wizard will open throughout the evening before transitioning into a club at night.


The quirky space of Pinball Wizard is flanked by numerous pinball machines along the side, with modern, electronic offerings and old school machines from the past.

Guests are encouraged to give these machines a go - and it doesn't cost a thing to immerse yourself in the fun.

The interior itself is a time capsule of 70s aesthetics, a nod to the pinball's year of inception and rise to its iconic status.


Of course, no club is complete without its dance floor, and at Pinball Wizard, you'll be right in front of the DJ console grooving to the beat from a roster of stellar DJs as funky lights rain down on you.

When it comes to drinks, Pinball Wizard's cheeky bar programme sees original cocktail creations split into two categories: Signature Cocktails and Cocktail Remixes (all $18 nett).

The psychedelic colour-changing Flower Power utilises the blue hue of butterfly pea-infused gin to interact with an elderflower, apple, ginger, and lemongrass concoction, resulting in a cocktail that's floral in nature with a hint of spice, a perfect palate starter.


The Berry Poppins, made with bourbon, is served with a ladle of what looks like Ikura at first glance. It's actually strawberry caviar, and the sweetness as the individual pearls pop in your mouth balances out the strong bourbon flavours.

The Negroni Spritzer adds a light and bubbly twist to the otherwise bold and serious aperitif, while the Banana Julius Flip, an elevated and adult departure from an Orange Julius, is a vodka-based cocktail that tastes very much like banana bread and banana milkshake, both delicious treats.

For all you party animals out there, Pinball Wizard's shooters are not to be missed.


From the true-to-name Peanut Butter & Jelly ($80 nett for ten shots) to the visually pleasing Free Willy ($15 nett), with its plasma jellyfish effect, you'll definitely have a ball of a time chasing shots and partying the night away.

Pinball Wizard is located at #B1-29, Sim Lim Square, 1 Rochor Canal Road, Singapore 188504, p. +65 8189 1971.

Open Tue-Wed 6pm - 1am, Thu-Fri 6pm - 3am, Sat 6pm - 4am.

This article was first published in City Nomads.

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