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Basics on a budget: Influencers Cheryl Wee and Melissa Koh reveal their wardrobe staples

Basics on a budget: Influencers Cheryl Wee and Melissa Koh reveal their wardrobe staples
PHOTO: Marks & Spencer

You might be forgiven for thinking that mumfluencers and fashionistas Cheryl Wee and Melissa Koh never wear the same outfit twice. But the pair are all about basic pieces which can be styled multiple ways.

If you're keen on stealing their polished looks without spending a bomb, you're in luck as Marks & Spencer has just launched its New Prices campaign, which delivers the same great quality but at new lower prices.

To find out their favourite pieces, as well as style tips, we sat down with the pair for a chat on everything fashion.

'Comfort is most important': Cheryl Wee

Cheryl, 35, tells AsiaOne that since having three kids, she's naturally gravitated to more practical pieces such as pants. Her style icon, though, hasn't changed.

"One of my favourite icons is Audrey Hepburn because she used to be a ballerina as well and her fashion style is very timeless and classic."

When she shops for her family, too, her focus is on quality and affordability, without compromising on aesthetics.

"Comfort is most important," Cheryl says. "I look out for anything that's made of 100 per cent cotton or with good quality materials overall."

Marks & Spencer is her one-stop shop for understated, elegant womenswear, trendy outfits for her husband Roy, and cutesy options for the kids, she says, adding that she believes in "letting kids be kids" rather than dressing them like mini-adults.

Cheryl's must-haves:

  • A good pair of pants with pockets can take you a long way
  • Dresses are a fuss-free option for time-strapped days
  • Pure cotton clothes — crucial as she and her kids have sensitive skin
  • Fashionable menswear for her husband that satisfies his trendy, minimalist aesthetic

To steal Cheryl's — and her family's — style, try these:

Cotton tee from $15.90

Printed Tie Neck Long Sleeve Blouse $65.90

Mens' chino shorts from $29.90

Mens' formal shirts from $35.90

Mens' lightweight stretch trousers $39.90

Kids' cotton rich print T-shirt from $13.90

Kids' pyjamas from $19.90

Bodysuits (seven pack) $29.90

Cotton rich monster jeans $32.90

Melissa Koh on looking good and feeling good

The 33-year-old is another stylish mum on our radar, and she's definitely not shy about experimenting with fashion.

"My wardrobe comprises largely of neutral colours as I find myself picking those pieces out on a day-to-day basis, especially when I'm in a rush," says Melissa. "For events and occasions, you can catch me in romantic ruffles, elegant pleats, edgy silhouettes, textured fabrics, or outfits in more unexpected colours."

Besides statement pieces, Melissa waxes lyrical on the importance of comfortable basics as the main building blocks in her outfits.

In fact, one of the items she can't live without is something most women might overlook — a quality pair of waist-cinching knickers.

She bought a pair from Marks & Spencer to wear under her engagement gown years ago, and they have become a staple ever since, Melissa confesses. Of course, she's since stocked up and added multiple pairs to her wardrobe.

Her affinity for the brand lies in the comfort factor, she says.

"For me, I love the quality and comfort of Marks & Spencer pieces. I can count on the pieces to not

only look good but feel good on the skin."

Melissa's must-haves:

  • Her uniform is a good pair of mum jeans, a nicely-fitted inner top, a power blazer and simple accessories
  • For those skin-tight outfits, high-quality innerwear and shapewear are essential
  • Marks & Spencer's Apothecary body lotion, hand cream, candles and room spray — to look good, self-care and me-time are must

To steal Melissa's style, try these:

Dresses from $59.90

Casual shorts from $39.90

Leather ballet pumps $79.90

Knickers (five pack) from $19.90

Cotton rich vests (three pack) $22.90

Bras (three pack) from $49.90

Super soft towels from $4.50

Apothecary collection from $5.90

Inspired by these mumfluencers to create your own capsule wardrobe on a budget yet? Head on over to Marks & Spencer stores or online to check out their new range of clothing that are the same good quality at lower prices!

This article is brought to you in partnership with Marks & Spencer.

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