Beauty influencer Xin Lin shares her top tips for good skin

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Taking care of our skin is important not only because it's one of the first things that people notice about us, but having good skin also makes us look and feel good.

But how do I take care of my skin? What should my skincare routine be? Does my diet matter in the grand scheme of things?

We asked content creator and beauty influencer Khaw Xin Lin, better known as XinLin (@xinlinnn) to her followers, for some of her personal skincare tips.

Best tips for good skin

Contrary to what many may think, Xin Lin did not always have good skin. According to her, she has very sensitive and dry skin, partly contributed by her childhood asthma, which resulted in her being sensitive to dust, food and certain ingredients.

Here are some of her top tips:

Make sure your skin is clean

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Her usual daily routine includes double cleansing and applying a skin-booster, lotion, serum, eye cream and night cream. In the day, it is simpler, with just mild cleansing before applying lotion, day cream and sunscreen.

But the all-important step is ensuring that her skin is cleansed of any dirt, grime or residual product.

"The most essential step in my routine is cleansing. Without a cleansed skin, I would not even dare to put any skincare products on my face or skin because I will be overly paranoid about getting clogged pores!" she quipped.

Massage your skin

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Another tip she shared would be to gently massage your face at the end of the routine to help promote circulation and lift your skin.

Hydrate and get plenty of nutrients

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She maintains her skin condition by drinking plenty of water every day. "On top of a skincare routine, I make sure to go for monthly facial treatments too," the 27-year-old shared.

The food we eat definitely affects our skin. Xin Lin confessed that she is a very picky eater and rejects vegetables, which are usually high in vitamins B and C, resulting in her skin looking more rough, dull and dry.

To make up for it, she takes collagen supplements and vitamins to replace the nutrients she lacks from her diet.

Keep your spirits up

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Most importantly, however, a positive mindset is what you need as she believes "how you feel will affect your skin, and the reverse is true as well".

"That's why I try my best to be in good spirits all the time, because it shows!" she shared.

How to determine our skin condition to treat it?

A skin analysis would be the most accurate way for us to determine the kind of skin treatment we need, said Xin Lin, as well as the products required in our skincare routine.

Going for skin treatments has also been part of Xin Lin's routine for a couple of years now and she finds it a necessity. "There is indeed a difference when I leave my skin to the professionals, so why not!" she noted.

To combat her dehydrated skin, Xin Lin recently tried out the HydroCollagen+ Skin Treatment from New York Skin Solutions.

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"I honestly could see a difference that day immediately after my treatment," she said. "My skin was super dehydrated then as I had a really packed schedule that week and a lack of sleep made my skin dull as well."

"But I managed to see a difference even during the treatment, when they demonstrated the effect of their collagen on only half my face. My skin became much brighter and supple after the treatment, and the shoulder massage was very relaxing too."

She shared that the results of the treatment lasted even over several days after the treatment; her skin remained bright and hydrated still, with more refined pores.

Visible results

New York Skin Solutions is a one-stop skin solutions centre that offers a comprehensive solution to all skin problems such as acne, dry skin, ageing skin and dark eye circles.

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Based on customer reviews, 98 per cent of their customers are able to see visible results in just one 90-minute session.

After assessing your condition through a computerised skin scan, they will customise their treatments to suit your needs.

Their treatments follow a "3P" approach to effectively solve all skin problems for both women and men. Here's a breakdown:

1. Professional Skin Diagnosis

  • In-depth skin analysis: Understand the customer's skin type and condition through deep skin scanning

2. Personalised Treatment Process

  • Tailored treatments target the individual's skin problems and will be customised according to their skin needs.
  • Lifestyle tips and recommendations for skincare regimes at home to aid faster skin recovery and maintenance after treatment.

3. Proven Results

  • Products used are made from botanical extracts which are gentle yet highly effective.
  • Skin diagnosis will be performed after every session, to compare the 'before and after' improvements of each treatment, ensuring that there are visible results.

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