Beauty secrets from South Korean actress Yoo In-na

Beauty secrets from South Korean actress Yoo In-na
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Fans of Korean dramas will not find Yoo In-na unfamiliar. Yoo In-na, after all, has starred in many iconic dramas such as Secret Garden (2010), My Love from the Star (2013-2014), Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016-2017), Touch Your Heart (2019) and most recently in Snowdrop (2021-2022).

Besides being a well-rounded artist who can also host variety and radio shows, Yoo In-na is also known for her enviable, youthful baby face.

Ahead, we share with you four hallmarks of Yoo In-na's age-defying beauty and tips to recreate them.

Flawless skin


Yoo In-na's look can be easily distilled into four distinguishing factors. The first of them is her clean, porcelain skin that looks healthy, youthful and luminescent. Moreover, her makeup never looks heavy and cakey.

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2. Expressive eyes


The second feature is her expressive eyes, which Yoo In-na accentuates by tightlining her eyes to help bring greater attention to them.

She would only line the top eyelids to make the eyes appear more open and awake. But if she's going for a more sultry approach, she would also tightline the bottom lashline.

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3. Soft, kissable lips


The third characteristic of Yoo In-na's beauty look is a soft wash of lip colour, usually in a my-lips-but-better nude shade to accentuate her ethereal looks.

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To create a blotted lip effect that Yoo In-na wears, apply a thin layer of this lip cream on the centre of the lips before feathering it towards the corners with a clean lip brush. A little concealer or foundation to blur the edges would be advisable too.


4. Mane matter


Last but not least is Yoo In-na's silky, shiny hair. She made news in 2020 when she chopped off her flowing locks for an edgy textured short bob to host the talk show Love of 7.7 Billion.

Yoo In-na has since grown out but still continues to sport her signature brown hair.

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This article was first published in Her World Online.

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