Beauty YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials comes out as transgender in latest video

Beauty YouTuber Nikkie Tutorials comes out as transgender in latest video

Anyone interested in beauty would know of beauty YouTuber Nikkie de Jager, more famously known as NikkieTutorials. The Dutch makeup artist catapulted to fame after her video, "The Power of Makeup".

Today, she uploaded a video titled "I'm Coming Out". In the video, she revealed that she was actually born in the "wrong body" and that she is transgender.

The 26-year-old described filming the video as "scary but liberating".

Nikkie said in the video that she always thought that she was a girl. She grew her hair out at six and started wearing dresses at seven or eight. At 14, she started transitioning, and fully transitioned at 19. She thanked her mother and teachers for supporting her transition.

Her reason for sharing her story? She wanted to "start the year off with the truth". But the main reason, as she revealed later on in the video, was because people has blackmailed her and threatened to leak her story to the police because she's "lying".

Uhh, technically, if she has fully transitioned and is acknowledged in the eyes of the law, she's not lying. In fact, she doesn't owe the public an explanation.

Nikkie, who recently got engaged, says her fiance found out only after they got together and was surprised.

She also said they were working things out together privately, which is probably a polite way of saying "leave us alone, our relationship is none of your business" (which was how we would have put it, tbh).

Watch the full video here.


As she said, Nikkie is still Nikkie and her beauty tutorials are still some of the best ones we've seen.

This article was first published in CLEO Singapore.

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