A beginner's guide to buying plants online for your home in Singapore

A beginner's guide to buying plants online for your home in Singapore
PHOTO: The Garden Store

While we’re cautiously optimistic about being able to enter Phase 2 of the lifting in circuit breaker measures by end June, it looks like we’re all still going to be working from home in the near future.

 If you’re bored of constantly staring at the same four walls (we know we are too), why not add a touch of green to your surroundings?

It’ll probably help with your productivity too. From air plants to succulents and of course, flowers, here’s where to buy plants in Singapore and kickstart your green lifestyle.

Pick A Plant

With more than 10 years in the business, Pick A Plant is run by enthusiastic collectors. Specialising in air plants, one of the easiest type of house plants to take care of, they have two main collections – the Basic Beginner’s Collection (from $4) and the Collector’s Selection (from $5).

Besides providing a variety of plants to cater to new owners and experienced gardeners, their Air Plant Care Guide provides tips and tricks to keep your new household companion healthy and happy.

Pick A Plant offers free delivery for orders above $200. For orders less than $200, a $20 delivery fee applies.

The Garden Store


Run by the same team behind the 35-year Chin Ling Nursery in Bedok, The Garden Store has all things related to gardening, including products and accessories. Before browsing, take a look at their Beginner Cheat Sheet for inspiration on helpful houseplants.

For a fuss-free indoor plant, opt for the Snake Plant ($9), which requires minimal sunlight, water, and even helps with air purification. Or consider the Succulent (from $2.90) series, which are not only cute to look at, they leave your house looking stylish as well.

The Garden Store offers free delivery for orders above $200. For orders less than $200, there is a delivery charge of $25. Delivery is available from Mon-Sat, 10am – 7pm.

A Tilly A Day


A Tilly A Day has a range of exotic and unique houseplants guaranteed to brighten your living space. Focusing on imagination and creativity, they also offer customisable terrariums.

Make your very own terrarium with their range of Do-It-Yourself kits (from $15) or place an order for a ready-made version (from $60) – the team will work their magic. Plus, they have a Plants & Tips guide to answer all your questions about how to best take care of your plant.

A Tilly A Day offers free delivery for orders above $250. For orders below $250, a delivery fee of $25 applies. On Wednesdays, they offer free delivery for orders above $150, and for orders below $150, a $10 charge applies.

Rabbit Island

Singapore’s largest importer of succulents, Rabbit Island has a huge variety of rare and common succulents for both serious and casual collectors alike. With an ability to grow indoors and outdoors, these are the perfect choice of low maintenance plants. During this period, Rabbit Island has also launched stay home packs for beginners, such as the Succulent Stay Home Pack 2 (at S$38) or the Cacti Stay Home Pack 4 (at S$28 for five cacti). Have fur babies? The team has curated a selection of Pet-Friendly Plants too.

Rabbit Island has delivery fees of S$8 and S$15 dependent on your purchase. Due to a surge in orders, expect to wait 3 – 5 days for delivery.

Candy Floriculture


Established in 1981, Candy Floriculture has almost 40 years of experience in supplying flora and fauna. Besides the usual indoor houseplants, they have a wide range of fresh and dried flowers, as well as rare herbs and fruit trees for the avid gardener.

If you’re interested in starting your own herb garden, they’ve got it all –  from Mint (at $8) to Lemongrass (at $10) – to aid you in the kitchen.

Candy Floriculture has a delivery charge of $10 for all orders. Delivery is available from Mon – Sun, 10am – 6pm.

Noah Garden Centre

Looking to inspire customers to create green spaces at home, Noah Garden Centre believes in offering quality plants and products at affordable prices. Refresh your home with the best-selling set of 3 in 1 Air-Purifying Plants (at $41.30), which purifies your air and adds a pop of green to your desk.

The best part? You can connect with other stores at Noah’s Marketplace for accessories, such as The Rain in Spain’s handcrafted pots (from $19).

Noah’s Garden Centre offers free delivery for orders above $100. For orders less than $100, a delivery fee of S$20 applies.

Far East Flora Garden


As Singapore’s most well-known nursery, Far East Flora Garden provides the largest selection of plants and gardening accessories. Their plants are categorised by type and care required, making it easy for one to select a suitable houseplant.

For those at home, the team has released a series of Grow Kit sets to make gardening a little simpler. Try the Succulent Starter Kit (at $29.90) or consider the Elho Grow Kit (at $44.90) to have your own choice of seeds to plant!

Far East Flora Garden charges a delivery fee of S$35 for all orders. For express delivery to be made three hours after order, an additional fee of S$35 is required. Delivery is available Mon-Sun, 12pm – 6pm.

Bonus: Plantonic

Not sure what fertiliser to get, or need some help to revitalise your plant? Born out of years of research and love for the environment, Plantonic is Singapore’s first natural plant-based organic fertiliser.

It contains ingredients such as Ginseng Root to boost the plant’s immune system and Tea Leaves to improve soil quality. Not only does it fertilise soil, it helps plants fight off pests, diseases, and fungal infections.

This chemical-free solution is safe to use around children and pets.

Plantonic is available at selected outlets at FairPrice and online here.

This article was first published in City Nomads.

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