Best facial massagers for a sharp v-line face

Best facial massagers for a sharp v-line face
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We might not be able to head over to our favourite spas and aesthetic clinics for a pampering facial session any time soon, but we can bring that experience into our own homes.

One tool to have is a facial massager that mimics the effects of a professional massage with their rolling motions. All that gliding and kneading will aid in improving our blood circulation and stimulating lymphatic drainage to rid our tissues of toxins and waste – while contouring the face at the same time.

This is why the ones we have sussed out here are the perfect gadgets to prep your face with for your close up during that video conference call.

Refa Caxa Ray Massager, $350,

Refa is known for its slew of different facial massagers and devices. The latest to join the club is a futuristic-looking tool that aims to sharpen the jawline and lift loose skin for a more contoured appearance.

A “scooping” action of the device mimics the techniques used by aestheticians when they lift the skin and push it across the face, while a “kneading” motion on certain areas such as the chin and jaw can improve suppleness.

Additionally, the platinum rollers and the brand’s signature microcurrent technology help to activate skin cells.

LG Pra.L Total Lift Up Care, $699,

This is said to replicate the treatments you’ll get at any facial. Its Lifting mode gives off microcurrents stimulating tissues and muscles in the skin to improve circulation and encourage the production of collagen and elastin to achieve a more lifted appearance.

Its Tightening mode delivers heat energy to the skin (you’ll feel a slight warm sensation) through red LED light and high-frequency thermal therapy to improve elasticity and firm up loose skin. Use this all over the face and even the neck.

Osim uGem 2, $149,


This gadget mimics Botox’s skin tightening wonders sans the needles. It does so by incorporating micro-massage vibrations that penetrate deep into the dermis. It delivers 6,000 micro pulses per minute to improve blood circulation, tackles puffiness while firming, and tones your skin for a more defined jawline, chin, cheeks and neck.

Foreo Bear Smart Microcurrent Facial Toning Device, $436,

Similar to how we head to the gym to tone our muscles, this device acts as a treadmill of sorts for your skin, giving it the workout it needs to train your facial muscles.

It does so with the help of microcurrents and T-sonic pulsations that direct electrical currents and lower-frequency pulsations, which work to firm up skin. Choose from five different intensities to suit your needs.

MDNA Skin The Onyx Black, $490,


This facial roller from Madonna’s skincare brand is crafted from a high-density black body carbon, which emits far infrared rays that can penetrate into the skin, causing the electromagnetic waves to generate heat energy within skin tissues.

When this happens, collagen production gets stimulated, promising a more contoured face shape with continued use.

Additionally, the lift-and-hold motion of the two carbon rollers stimulates the skin to alleviate puffiness and eases tension with a soothing massage, while the microstripe detailing on the surface of the rollers offer a unique relaxing sensation.

Lifetrons Facial Spa Kit, $148,

This two-in-one device comes with a built-in mist device – you can top up with your favourite facial essence – and massager. Its Ultrasonic Atomisation Technology turns the solution into ultra-fine nanometre mist droplets, smaller than the size of your pores, which are quickly and effectively absorbed into the skin.

The negative ion massager delivers low-frequency ion vibrations to not only stimulate facial muscles but also ensuring that the ingredients in the mist are absorbed into the skin for maximum efficacy.

Clarins Facial Stimulator, $75

This product may have been in the market for four years now, but we still swear by it all the time. It caters to sensitive areas of the face without tugging on the skin, which causes lines and wrinkles.

It does so through micro-pyramids that are embossed on the roller to gently massage and stimulate circulation and skin tissues.

Moreover, it is also specially designed to tackle harder-to-treat areas like the contours of the eyes and lips, crow’s feet as well as the neck and decolletage.

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Herbivore Botanicals Rose Quartz Facial Roller, $61,

This is used as a gentle massage tool to cleanse the lymphatic system, which is the body’s primary detoxification system. Over time, this aids in firming up loose skin and alleviates puffiness.

Since it is made out of rose quartz, it can also heal your heart chakra – said to be your body’s energy centre of love – and bring some Zen to your life by easing tension and stress while soothing the mind and soul.

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