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Best gift ideas for doctors, nurses and healthcare workers

Best gift ideas for doctors, nurses and healthcare workers
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Burnout among Singapore’s healthcare workers should come as no surprise to anyone given the extensive increase in workload that the onset of the covid-19  pandemic has wrought.

Despite this, our healthcare workers have remained valiant and steadfast in their service to our nation, refusing to abandon their posts.  Feeling appreciated at work can, however, help mitigate the burnout faced by our frontline healthcare workers in the fight against the pandemic.

Now is precisely the time for you to show your appreciation and gratitude to our healthcare workers, especially if you have a friend or loved one holding down the fort on the frontlines of Singapore’s fight against Covid-19.

Find out what are some of the best gifts you can get for doctors, nurses and healthcare workers below!

Top gifts for female healthcare workers

The long hours and sometimes sporadic nature of healthcare work can sometimes mean that female healthcare workers often face time constraints on their self-care needs. They may therefore greatly appreciate gifts that are tailored for rest, relaxation and daily enjoyment.

Here are some top gift ideas for female healthcare workers to get you started:

  • Skincare products

The high stress work environment of healthcare settings can not only take a mental toll but it can also translate to negative physical side effects. When healthcare workers are pressed for time, self-care may not be on the top of their priority list, leading them to neglect personal grooming and other self-care practices.

Getting appropriate skincare products for our doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers can serve as a thoughtful and gentle reminder for them to practise self-care and also alleviate the mental load of thinking about skincare that they would otherwise have added onto their plate.

Products like face masks, toners, and moisturisers from popular brands like Innisfree, The Ordinary, and Kiehls can go a long way in making one feel pampered and cared for.

  • Self-care items  

Self-care items like bath products can go a long way in helping healthcare workers unwind after a long day or simply provide an easy indulgence on their off days.

Consider gifting healthcare workers bath bombs, epsom salts or even a loofah for their enjoyment. Choose from popular brands like Bath and Body Works or Sephora which are the holy grails when it comes to such items.

Flexible work schedules, better work-life balance

If you are looking for a job that will give you the flexibility to earn an attractive income while having the time to care for your loved one, being a freelance Homage Care Professional might be the job for you.

Find out the benefits of being a Homage Care Pro here and join us in making a difference today!

  • Hand serum

Healthy and supple skin can’t always be at the top of your priorities if you’re busy taking care of patients and handling hospital caseloads.

Yet a healthcare worker’s hands are indispensable to their work caring for others. A hand serum may be just the thing to help them prevent their hands from drying out, especially in air-conditioned environments common in healthcare settings. 

  •  Quilt, bed sheets, and pillow cases

A healthcare worker’s busy schedule can sometimes mean late nights and irregular hours for days on end. To ensure they get a well-deserved rest and make their sleep more comfortable, you can consider gifting them comfortable quilts, bed sheets and pillow cases. Be sure to choose products with a high-thread count for the best feel and touch!

Top gifts for male healthcare workers

Working as a healthcare worker in Singapore can be extremely stressful. Finding leisure in activities after work can therefore be a major source of comfort for male healthcare workers. Here are some gift ideas you can consider!

  • Gaming consoles / PC games

Sometimes there’s nothing quite as stress-relieving like a good ol’ RPG or classic FPS game. Consider getting them gaming consoles like a Nintendo Switch or PC games on gaming platforms like Steam and Epic Games.

A good gaming session after a long day’s work can quickly take the mind off the day’s stressful events. Gaming can also provide much-needed relaxation during off days as well! Be sure to check what genre of games are suitable for the person you are buying the game before surprising them!

  • Gym membership

Unfortunately, working in healthcare doesn’t always allow one to pay the fullest attention to one’s own health. A gym membership subscription may be a wonderful gift for healthcare workers to keep themselves healthy and destress at the same time.

Remember to choose gyms which have flexible or extensive opening hours to accommodate healthcare workers’ sometimes erratic work schedules. Why not check out some of these gyms and fitness studios that are located close to hospitals? 

  • Craft beer

While alcohol isn’t the solution to everything, it can certainly make for a refreshing beverage after a long day of work.

Craft beer may be an especially good idea for male healthcare workers who need a little pick me up every now and then. Try buying them a case of their favourite beer or surprise them with something new that they have not tried before!

Unisex gift ideas

While we’ve suggested gift ideas for male and female healthcare workers, your gift choices should still ultimately take into consideration personal preferences and individual personalities.

Sometimes checking in with them subtly before deciding on a gift is a good idea in itself. In that spirit, if you’re really unsure, here are further gift ideas that all healthcare workers can certainly appreciate!

  • Coffee machine

For a healthcare worker, a good cup of coffee can perk them up and get them ready to face the day ahead. If your gift recipient is a coffee drinker, they will certainly appreciate a coffee machine to get them started for their long days. Consider getting one portable enough to set up in their workplace or pantry to keep things light and convenient. 

  • Thermos flask 

The long hours of duty for healthcare workers can sometimes mean that breaks are fraught and hard to come by.

A thermos flask is a great gift for a healthcare worker as they’ll be able to have their hot/cold beverage on hand throughout the day, making it convenient for them to still enjoy their beverages without worrying about leaving their posts. 

  • Comfortable shoes

Healthcare workers often spend long hours on their feet when doing shift work or having to monitor patients and wards in hospitals. A comfortable pair of shoes can certainly help alleviate the stress that’s otherwise inflicted on their feet, which may cause them foot problems in the long run. 

  • Lunch box

Eating out can be expensive or sometimes when things are busy, it can be hard to find time to head down to the canteen. A lunch box will come in handy for healthcare workers who prefer to pack their own lunch to work or for those who prefer to takeaway their lunches to eat at their desks.

This will be especially convenient for healthcare workers during peak periods of work. It would be ideal to get a stainless steel, vacuum insulated lunch box so the food can still be kept fresh throughout the day.

This article was first published in Homage.

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