The best online snack stores with free delivery in Singapore

The best online snack stores with free delivery in Singapore
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Feeling peckish but determined to stave off the midday munchies?

While your natural instinct might be to reach for the first packet of crackers you didn't actually want, here's what sometimes helps: A quick walk, or brewing a cup of tea or coffee strong enough to scald the senses.

But if you can't beat 'em, join 'em - with these relatively healthy snack delivery options, so you can munch without the guilt.

TL;DR: Online Snack Stores in Singapore (With Delivery!)

Here's an overview of the best online snack stores in Singapore - from paleo-inspired and vegan options to Halal-certified ones.  

Where What's Stocked Starting Price Delivery Fee
Boxgreen Biscotti, nut mixes, mushroom chips From $3.90 for 60g pack Free with min. $30 spend
Renew Snacks Garage Nut butters, nut mixes Snack packs at $7.90 for 100g Free, no min. spend
Nut butters from $13.90 for 180g
SnackFirst Nut mixes, cookies, biscuits Snack packs from $6.90 for 200g
KAZO Bakery Polo buns, croissants, cheesecakes From $1.60/croissant; from $2.50/KAZO Polo $5 with min. $30 spend
Snack Guru
Beef jerky, breads, cookies Cookies at $4.95/piece Free with min. $100 spend; $10 otherwise
Beef jerky from $7.90 for 34g
Bread rolls from $8.90/box of three
Oatberry Granola Kitchen Granola Granola from $4.90 for 350g Free, no min. spend
Subscriptions from $15/month
The Edible Co (Halal-Certified) Cookies, granola Cookies at $5.90/piece Free with min. $60 spend; $8 otherwise
Granola from $11.90 for 250g
Subscriptions from $65/three-month supply



Boxgreen's all-natural, nutritionist-approved snacks are dangerously addictive, even if they might not at first look it.

Choose from over 50 options, split into categories such as Nut-Free, Low Sugar, Source of Protein - you get the gist.

Besides nut-free options, you'll also find vegan and paleo snacks, with calories stated upfront if you're monitoring your intake.

Items can be purchased a la carte, by the box or via a subscription plan (from $19.90).

A standard box ($28) of 12 snacks includes the Heartystrong, which comprises Brazilian nuts, unsalted pecans, baked almonds and unsalted baked peanuts.

If you're a first-time customer, it's $5 off your first order with the code fiveoff.

(Note: This is not a sponsored post.)

Prices: From $3.90 for 60g pack
Delivery fee: Free (min. $30 spend)
Boxgreen Website

Renew Snacks Garage


Gourmet nut butters and snacks form the heart of Renew, which prides itself on offering nut-based treats, but with clever twists.

Gusto ($7.90 for 100g pack), for instance, comprises honeyed cinnamon pecans and dried cranberries - while Hainanese ($7.90 for 100g pack) features cashews lightly baked with ginger and other spices.

Other snacks that got me semi-salivating: Wally, with its combination of honey-roasted walnuts and citrus-flecked flaxseeds, and unique nut butter flavours such as White Earl Grey Cashew ($13.90 for 180g).

Prices: Snack packs at $7.90 for 100g; nut butters from $13.90 for 180g
Delivery fee: Free, no min. spend
Renew Website



SnackFirst offers healthy and indulgent treats in equal measure - its extensive selection of tree nuts, seeds and dried fruit snacks actually taste good.

So while you'll be able to get 'cleaner' options like roasted, sun-kissed cashews (from $11.90 for 200g), you might also succumb to the calls of your stomach - with satay broad beans (from $6.90 for 200g) and honey-sweetened walnuts (from $11.90 for 200g).

It's also $5 off your first order with a minimum spend of $20. The catch: You'll have to sign up for its mailing list to get your promo code.

Prices: Snack packs from $6.90 for 200g
Delivery fee: Free, no min. spend
SnackFirst Website

KAZO Bakery


You didn't think we'd leave you high and dry with just healthy snacks, did you?

The Taiwan-hailing Kazo Bakery - better known as Nichifu back home - offers everything from polo buns and moreish cream puffs to cheese tarts, croissants and dacquoise, a meringue-built dessert.

And since you're choosing the path of sinfulness, go all out: signature cakes include the classic cheesecake, or its lighter counterpart: The souffle lemon cheese spongecake.

Prices: From $1.60/croissant; from $2.50/KAZO Polo
Delivery fee: $5 (min. $30 spend)
KAZO Bakery Website

Snack Guru (Halal-Certified)


If you've been seeking out paleo-inspired snacks with little success, Snack Guru's your godsend - and Halal-certified, to boot.

The company focuses on beef jerky, breads and cookies, but jazzed up.

Its beef jerky, for instance, is made using quality New Zealand beef. Each piece is marinated then air-dried, as opposed to being dehydrated or smoked. Bolder palates ought to try the Smoked Manuka Honey or Chilli Garlic Beef Jerky ($7.90 each for 34g pack).

Equally addictive are the GOLLYBELLS Bread Rolls (from $8.90/box of three), which Snack Guru sources for from online bakery Oh My Goodness!.

Because these bread rolls are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar - but loaded with psyllium husk powder and almonds - you'll find them to be denser than regular breads.

Prices: Cookies at $4.95/piece; beef jerky from $7.90 for 34g pack; bread rolls from $8.90/box of three
Delivery fee: Free (min. $100 spend); $10 otherwise
Snack Guru Website

Oatberry Granola Kitchen


Does your gagging reflex kick in at the sight of oatmeal?

Oatberry aims to upend the poor rep the superfood sometimes gets - with tasty, immunity-boosting, gluten-free granola (from $4.90 for 350g).

And there's something for even the fussiest of eaters - from classics like Double Chocolate Granola and Cinnamon Apple Granola to Cashew Red Dates with Goji.

Unlike most commercial granolas, Oatberry uses coconut sugar in its granola - lending the end result a deeper, golden-brown hue.

I'd highly recommend this with yoghurt, raspberries and a slap of nut butter (ugh, so basic). It's the ultimate breakfast (or snack) of champions.

Prices: Granola from $4.90 for 350g; subscriptions from $15/month
Delivery fee: Free
Oatberry Website

The Edible Co (Halal-Certified)


Rounding off this delicious list is The Edible Co, which prides itself on using all-natural, good-for-you stuff.

Hits include the Coconut Gula Melaka Granola (from $11.90 for 250g) - a medley of almonds, pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, lent by the tropical sweetness of gula melaka - and smaller bites such as Cacao Nib Crunch, and Coconut Cookies ($5.90 each).

If you find yourself wanting more, there're bundle options for families or offices that start from $180. The latter includes six 600g bags of granola, activated almonds, pistachio cranberry biscotti and oatmeal raisin cookies. This one's strictly for sharing.

Prices: Cookies at $5.90/piece; granola from $11.90 for 250g; subscriptions from $65/three-month supply
Delivery fee: Free with min. $60 spend; $8 otherwise
The Edible Co Website

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