Best pre-natal and post-natal massages to relieve pregnancy aches (2021)

Best pre-natal and post-natal massages to relieve pregnancy aches (2021)
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These pre-natal and post-natal massages can help mummies get through pregnancy in great shape.

Pregnancy is undoubtedly a beautiful thing. But it can get very trying on the body. 

There’s the obvious physical changes, with your growing baby putting increasing pressure on your back and legs, leading to soreness, tension and water retention.

Then, there’s the hormonal changes, the mood swings, the weird food cravings and the morning sickness to deal with. 

Delivering the child into this world isn’t the end of it. After nine months of nurturing a growing fetus, capped off by the demands of childbirth, your body is well and truly taxed. Recovering your energy and former figure is a whole other task in itself. 

Thankfully, pregnant women can turn to pre-natal massage to help them get through the challenging bits, and new mums can make use of post-natal massage to aid in recovering their health and figures.

What is pre-natal and post-natal massage?

Pre-natal and post-natal massage is a sub-discipline in the school of massage that focuses on the unique issues experienced by pregnant women and new mums. 

Pre-natal massage is meant for women who are pregnant. Treatments typically seek to alleviate aches, soreness and swelling in the body – most commonly the back and lower limbs. It also focuses on deeply relaxing the mind and body to reduce stress and relieve anxiety. 

Post-natal massage helps women after birth to recover their strength and vitality. Its other goals are to improve lactation, nourish the womb and slim down and reshape the body. All this is done through a combination of massage techniques, herbs and cloth binding or wrapping. 

Depending on the traditions followed, certain dietary and lifestyle restrictions may also be imposed.

How much do pre- and post-natal massages cost?

To answer this, you’ll need to understand that most therapists would recommend multiple sessions for the massages to have some effect.

This is true for pre- and post-natal massages, and is especially important because these sessions are meant to revitalise your health through continuous therapy.

As such, you can expect the cost to run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars range. You can sign up for packages which includes multiple sessions, and a bulk discount will be applied by most.

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Are there any health warnings I should know about?

While pre-natal and post-natal massages are generally safe and have a long-established history across many traditions, there are still some precautions to take note of.

1. Best to start pre-natal massage after the first trimester

According to the American Pregnancy Association, it is safe for women to receive pre-natal massages at any point in their pregnancy.

However, most massage therapists will err on the side of caution and opt not to perform a massage during the first trimester, due to the increased risk of miscarriage during this period. 

Also, receiving a pre-natal massage during the first three months of pregnancy may trigger certain acupressure points and make your morning sickness worse.

2. Avoid certain essential oils

As spa and massage treatment often involve the use of essential oils, it is important to know that certain essential oils are not safe for pregnant women. Or at least, not enough research has been done to ascertain the suitability and safety of certain essential oils.

It is best to stick to safe oils, such as lavender, rose, peppermint and camomile. For added safety, use essential oils only for aromatherapy instead of having your therapist massage it into your skin.

If skin contact is desired, ensure that a carrier oil is used,  on top of diluting the essential oil to the right concentration, and using it within the recommended dosage.

3. Mind your position

Pregnant women shouldn’t lie on their fronts, or completely on their backs during massages. Instead, a trained therapist will have them lie on their sides, with added pillows for comfort and support.

4. Check with your doctor before getting a pregnancy massage

To avoid any complications or health issues, it is best to check with your doctor before starting any pre-natal or post-natal massage session. He or she will be best qualified to advise if these treatments will be right for you.

6 best pre-natal and post-natal massages (home and spa)

Name  Pre-natal massage cost Post-natal massage cost How to book
Home massage Mummy’s Massage From $308 for three sessions From $778 for seven sessions Web:
WhatsApp: 8124 1506
Tel: 3138 1909
Postnatal Massage Singapore From $108
60 mins per session
From $718 for seven sessions
75 mins per session
Web: 6417 9690
The Outcall Spa $198 for 90 mins
$268 for 120 mins
From $988 for five sessions
90 mins per session
Web: form: 8782 0561
Spa massage Sofitel Spa $21075 mins per session $19060 mins per session Web:
Tel: 6708 8358
Auriga $190 for 60 mins
$260 for 90 mins
$190 for 60 mins
$260 for 90 mins
Tel: 6591 5075
Nimble/Knead $84 for 60 mins
$118 for 90 mins
Tel: 6438 3933

1. Mummy’s Massage


Address: 371 Beach Road, City Gate Mall #B1-60 S(199597)

Opening hours: (By appointment only)


What to expect: Traditional Malay Jamu massage with focus on women’s reproductive health. 

Mummy’s Massage is started and run by a team of certified massage therapists specialising in women’s productive health, so you know you’re in good hands (pardon the pun!).

The pre-natal massage – said to help relieve common pregnancy symptoms such as leg cramps and back pain, depression and anxiety – is available in packages ranging from three to 10 sessions, starting at $308.

The post-natal massage package consists of seven massage sessions, plus various add-ons to address other concerns you may have, such as slimming, health and lactation.

What sets Mummy’s Massage apart here is their use of traditional Malay Jamu techniques for enhanced therapeutic effects and accelerated recovery.

If you’re interested in both pre- and post-natal care, try their combo package to get more value for your money.

2. Postnatal Massage Singapore


Address: 167 Woodland Street 11 #02-23 S (730167)

Opening hours: Daily, 9am to 6pm


What to expect: Large pool of certified masseuses to suit your needs.

With over 60 certified and trained therapists, all with at least five years of experience, Postnatal Massage Singapore is a good choice for expecting and new mums seeking to alleviate pregnancy symptoms in the comfort of their own homes.

The large pool of therapists available means guaranteed arrival when you make a booking, and also the ability to request for a change in masseuse according to your comfort and preferences. 

These little touches should go a long way in helping you find the ideal therapist to resolve your pregnancy-related needs. 

3. The Outcall Spa


Opening hours: Mon to Thurs (4:00pm to 1:00am), Fri to Sun (4:00pm – 2:00am)


What to expect: Full-service professional outcall pregnancy massage treatments on demand

A pioneer in outcall spa and massage, The Outcall Spa serves the needs of pregnant mothers with on-demand pre-natal and post-natal massage treatments. 

They deliver a full-service, professional session right in the warmth, safety and comfort of your own home, eliminating the hassle of dressing up and going out – a boon for mothers in the advanced stages of pregnancy, or those still recovering from the bodily taxation of childbirth.

Massage sessions last between 90 to 120 mins, the better to leave you thoroughly pampered and rejuvenated.

Pre-natal massages start at $198, but there’s a 3-visit package that saves you a wee bit. The post-natal massage – which includes jamu oil and herbs, as well as fat diminishing treatments – is available in packages between 5 to 30 days. 

3. Sofitel Spa


Address: 2 Bukit Manis Road Sentosa S(099891) 

Opening hours: 11am to 8pm (last treatment at 7pm)


What to expect: Luxury spa set within a tranquil oasis

Located on the balmy island of Sentosa, Sofitel Spa is renowned as one of the premier spa spots in Singapore. The luxury establishment also offers both pre- and post-natal massages, which is great news for expectant mothers seeking some pampering and relief from pregnancy symptoms. 

Both massages are offered on a single session basis, ideal if you prefer not to be tied down to a package. You’re free to book as many sessions as you’d like (or as your budget allows).

The pre-natal massage is available for $210 for 75 minutes. Meanwhile, the post-natal massage costs $190 for 60 minutes. The prices are not bad, considering you’ll be in for an all-encompassing treat. 

4. Auriga @ Capella Singapore


Address: 1 The Knolls Sentosa S (098297)

Opening hours: 10.00am to 9.00pm (last treatment arrival at 8.00pm)


What to expect: Bespoke massage sessions with organic, natural ingredients

The on-site spa of Capella Singapore, Auriga offers a choice of nine treatment suites, each with its own private garden. The spa prides itself on traditional holistic treatments using organic natural ingredients, so pregnant mothers seeking to avoid potentially harmful chemicals can rest easy here.

Besides privacy and luxury, another selling point is the bespoke treatments. Pre- and post-natal massage sessions are conducted according to your specific needs and concerns. Prices aren’t cheap, at $190 for 60 mins, and $260 for 90 mins, but the ability to have your massage exactly how you want it is worth the splurge. 

5. Nimble/Knead


Address: 66 Eng Watt Street #01-28, Tiong Bahru Estate, S (160066)

Opening hours: Daily, 11am to 10pm (Last appointment at 9.15pm)


What to expect: Private massage container suites in Singapore’s hipster district

Located in the quaint Tiong Bahru Estate, Nimble/Knead offers relaxing pre-natal massages in the comfort of your very own… shipping container. 

The unconventional choice for a massage suite is also what makes it work. After all, your massage session is meant to help you unplug from the world, so what better way than to do it in a completely incongruous yet luxuriously appointed space.

To prolong the afterglow of your pre-natal massage – designed to relieve tension in the legs, back shoulders and head – treat yourself to a bite at one of the many hipster cafes dotting the area.

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