Bottoms up: Singapore Art Museum wants photos of your naked butt - but only if you're a woman

PHOTO: Instagram/singaporeartmuseum

Would you dare display your naked bottom publicly in the name of art?

That is what this local artist Amanda Heng is asking females to do.

From now till July 11, 2021, you can submit pictures of your derriere to be part of Amanda's Singirl online project at Singapore Art Museum's (SAM) exhibition, Wikicliki: Collecting Habts on an Earth filled with Smartphones, the museum announced in a Facebook post on May 14.

By showcasing female buttocks in Singirl, a project she started in 2009, Amanda hopes to raise questions about mainstream perceptions of national identity, gender and a woman's position in society.

If you're down to dismantle the patriarchy one naked buttock at a time, all you need to do is visit the photo booth that has been set up at The Ngee Ann Kongsi Concourse Gallery at National Gallery Singapore. There, simply follow the instructions on-site to register and submit an anonymous picture of your bare behind.

Do note that only pictures of female bottoms will be accepted. Sorry men, you'll have to sit this on out. 

Submissions will be collated and programmed into an animated sequence that resembles a marching contingent in a parade on Amanda's website. This will also be part of SAM's Wikicliki exhibition.

An ex-civil servant and one of Singapore's pioneer female contemporary artists, Amanda is known both locally and internationally for her unique art. Across her career, she has not only facilitated two local art collectives —The Artists Village in 1988 and Women in the Arts (WITA) in 1999 — but also won numerous awards such as the Cultural Medallion for Visual Arts in 2010 and the 12th Benesse Art Award from Japan in 2020.

Address: 1 St Andrew's Rd, Singapore 178957