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Bringing new life to old materials: Sustainability efforts from Changi Airport T2's recent redevelopment

Bringing new life to old materials: Sustainability efforts from Changi Airport T2's recent redevelopment
PHOTO: Changi Airport Group

You may have heard that Changi Airport's Terminal 2 (T2) had recently undergone a makeover and was fully reopened in November 2023.

Amidst the terminal's new digital waterfall display and landscaped garden are some wooden benches with a bit of history.

Unbeknownst to many, these wooden benches are actually made using Nyatoh wood panel fins which once served as privacy blinds for office spaces located above the old T2 Departure Hall.

Careful maintenance over the years had ensured they were still in good condition. So Changi Airport Group's (CAG) Airport Operations Development division wanted to explore the idea of repurposing such materials.

This set the ball rolling for T2E Project Upcycling.

In collaboration with design industry experts and students from National University of Singapore, CAG went on a mission to create installations that would fit right into the new terminal.

Materials available for upcycling included timber fins and baggage belts.

While this presented a host of possibilities, one particular idea stood out—benches to be installed in T2's rest areas.

Despite the strong repurposing potential of the Nyatoh wood panel fins, turning them into benches was no easy feat.

It took several drafts to achieve a comfortable seating height and suitable design.

To create these benches, Kautz, a furniture-making company based in Singapore, was brought in for their expertise.

Kautz took in more than a hundred wooden panels and the team had to sieve through the different shapes and profiles of every piece before selecting the ones in best condition.

The laborious process in creating these benches meant that each bench took about a week to complete.

Using specialised machines, craftsmen then worked their magic to form the final product.

Ash wood columns were chosen to complement the darker Nyatoh wood.

If you happen to pop by T2 soon, keep a lookout for these benches. They are located all across the terminal's public and terminal spaces.

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