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Brown sugar to cheese foam: 5 tasty bubble tea recipes to whip up from home

Brown sugar to cheese foam: 5 tasty bubble tea recipes to whip up from home
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Now that bubble tea has been struck off the list of essential services with the new Covid-19 circuit breaker measures rolled out, BBT fans will be left high and dry for the next six weeks. For this week’s #stayathome project, get to making your own with these five recipes – and you’ll be saving money, too. 


Brown sugar bubble tea

Try your hand at making your own brown sugar pearl bubble tea from scratch (pearls included, if you can’t get or don’t like the idea of store-bought tapioca pearls).

The recipe, according to the article, also turns out chewier pearls for those of you who prefer your boba with more bite.

Get the recipe from AsiaOne here

Oolong Milk Tea

If you have a stash of oolong tea leaves at home, try this aromatic recipe spiced up with a touch of cinnamon.

Get the recipe from Talk Boba here

Mango matcha bubble tea

An upgrade to your regular matcha milk tea, this infuses the earthy aroma of matcha with the fresh sweetness of a ripe mango.

Get the recipe from Eat Cho Food here.

Cheese Tea Cream Cheese

For those of you who love the cheese tea of a particular local brand, put this savoury-meets-sweet concoction on your to-make list. Other than green tea, you can also brew your favourite fruit tea, then top it with the cheese foam. 

Get the recipe from LowCarbingAsian here.

Iced Earl Grey Tea Latte

The malty notes of Earl Grey (you can use a teabag) are elevated with a delectably fluffy cream top. All this recipe calls for is heavy cream, sugar, salt and a bit of effort.

Get the recipe from Oh, How Civilized here.

Although quite frankly, once you’ve bought the pearls or perfected your own, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your beverage of choice. Have fun experimenting and stay safe!

For the latest updates on the coronavirus, visit here.

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