Burger King's new Mashed Up Fries is a dream combination of ice cream and fries

PHOTO: Facebook/Singapore Atrium Sale

Fries dipped in ice cream. It sounds like a weird combination of flavours — hot fries and cold ice cream — but I know more than one person who does it. In fact, I had a childhood friend who would always insist on getting a small pack of fries alongside her ice cream cone or sundae. 

Apparently, she's not alone — and as one colleague put it, most of us have probably tried it before. Well, you'll no longer have to order two separate items from the menu just to fuse them together. 

Burger King has introduced a new menu item called "Mashed Up Fries", which essentially is an ice cream sundae with chocolate fudge loaded with fries. A curious name though, given the lack of mention in its name about the ice cream element. 

Fries are added to the base of the sundae cup before it is filled with the usual soft-serve ice cream and chocolate fudge. Additional fries are garnished on top for good measure. 

And since it's going at $2.90 per cup, there are definitely some savings there if you are looking to just get some fries to go alongside your ice cream sundae.

This item is silently available now. Mashed up fries $2.90 Burger King IMM Items should be available at other Burger...

Posted by Singapore Atrium Sale on Sunday, December 6, 2020

A netizen spotted the item at Burger King's IMM outlet and according to 8 Days, it's been available at all Burger King outlets since Dec 4 while stocks last.