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Calling all adventurous foodies: This new cocktail bar uses mealworms and crickets in their menu

Calling all adventurous foodies: This new cocktail bar uses mealworms and crickets in their menu
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Would you dare take a sip of your tipple if you knew that it contained mealworms or crickets? 

For those who are as adventurous as that, you may want to check out Fura, a quirky new spot along Amoy Street. 

The cocktail bar opened on Aug 1 and sports a pretty unique, innovative menu with unconventional ingredients.

Fura is founded and helmed by chef Christina Rasmussen and bartender Sasha Wijidessa, who met in Copenhagen in 2019 before moving to Singapore together in January 2022, reported The Straits Times. 

27-year-old Christina previously worked at world-famous Noma, a three-Michelin-starred establishment in Copenhagen, while 28-year-old Sasha used to work with Danish distillery Empirical and craft cocktails at the now-defunct Operation Dagger. 

With their wealth of experience, the duo had a pop-up bar called Mallow from March 2022 to December 2022, which had plant-based, eco-conscious menu.

And with that being a success, they decided to start Fura together, which would be their first full-scale venture as a team.  

The bizarre yet sustainable menu 

While some may find the idea of consuming insects and worms nauseating, there are sustainable reasons behind using these creatures in the menu. 

"We’re taking different aspects of what sustainability means and applying it, in the hope of inspiring other people," Christina shared with The Straits Times. 

"Many of our conversations at home are about the state of the planet, and what we want to leave behind for the next generation, and for any children we might choose to have in the future. If people can walk away from our venue and decide to live just a little more consciously, that’s a win for us," added Sasha. 

For instance, they use creatures such as jellyfish and locusts in abundance or excess in their menu. 

"Rising sea temperatures have caused jellyfish to proliferate in the ocean, making them almost an invasive pest in the water. So right now, we will find ways to use jellyfish and make it delicious," Sasha explained. 

"But maybe 10 years down the road, if everybody has picked up eating jellyfish and there’s more balance in the ocean ecosystem – we can move on and see what other ingredient is in excess, and use that instead." 

So, with the jellyfish, Sasha has created the very unique Jellyfish Martini ($25), which is concocted with Roku Gin, fish leaf, spirulina, dry vermouth, kombu oil, and of course, jellyfish. 

Another curious drink involving creepy crawlies here at Fura is Get the Worm ($25) which is crafted with Monte Lobos Espadin, Ayuuk, chilli, orange, lime and mealworms. 

Sasha tells The Straits Times that it's a take on the classic margarita. 

"I stir-fry the mealworms, infuse them with a chilli spirit from Empirical and mix that with orange liqueur and lime," she details. 

Their drinks aren't the only thing that contain crawlies and other eye-catching creatures – you can find it in the food too.

For instance, Christina has created a garum – a type of fermented fish sauce – using locusts. 

"Locusts have been devastating for farming communities in India and Africa, and for local ecosystems," she explained. 

Address: 74A Amoy St, Singapore 069893
Opening hours: Tuesdays to Saturdays, 5pm to 11.30pm 

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