Can't finish your fries? Turn your carton into a spill-proof box with this simple TikTok hack

PHOTO: AsiaOne

Any fast food connoisseur worth their salt will know that fries are best eaten fresh — unless you're a fan of limp, soggy spuds.

But what if you simply can't finish your fries in one sitting? Well, this viral TikTok has the perfect solution to save them for later. The best part? All you need is the carton your fries usually come in.

According to the video by @laddllly, which has over 10 million views, the first step is to fold the corners of the fries container inward. Then, simply fold the top of the container down and tuck it into the front of the container.


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Voila! A handy spill-proof pouch for your fries that keeps them safe from the elements.

We tried it for ourselves (any excuse to have some fries) and are pleased to report that it does work to contain the fries. It even survived several stress tests (read: some vigorous shaking). Now you know what to do the next time you have any leftovers.

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