Car insurance: What to do if the other party does not file an accident report

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Hit and run cases can be a traumatic experience, especially when the culprit does not want to file an accident report. In this guide, we cover the necessary steps that you should take if you find yourself in such a situation.

One of our Motorist users recently shared with us a hit and run accident on Ask Motorists. After the incident, the user did the right thing by gathering evidence and reporting the accident to the police and insurer.

However, it took a turn with an uncooperative culprit, and the user enquired about the appropriate steps to take.

About the incident

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The user noted the culprit's vehicle make and model, and secured CCTV footage of the incident that happened overnight. The video evidence was reported to the police and insurance company to make claims after the user repaired his vehicle at his preferred workshop.

According to the user, the workshop contacted the lorry company's insurer to inform the driver to make an accident report. However, the company was reluctant to file an accident report with their respective insurer.

So, does that mean the offender gets away with it easily? No! Here is what you should do if the affected party does not want to file an accident report.

Making claims through a car workshop

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One recommended option is approaching workshops affiliated with law firms if you prefer to settle it personally. They will cover the damages and use a solicitor to sue the other party for repair costs. Once the claim is successful, the repair costs go back to you.

However, do note that it can be a risky approach; why? Well, if the culprit declares bankruptcy, you can't recover your repair costs at all. Hence, most workshops aren't willing to offer such services due to the unnecessary costs they need to bear.

Instead, they will recommend you to claim through your car insurance policy first, then take legal action against the offender to make third-party claims.

What to co if a company vehicle is involved?

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It is advisable to seek police assistance if a company vehicle is involved. The police have the right to engage the company's designated officer to help identify drivers who committed an offence using the company's vehicle.

Once the offender has been identified, they will be left with no choice but to report the accident accordingly. Only then will you be able to file a third-party insurance claim against the company's driver.


Knowing how to make an insurance claim and being smart on what to do if the culprit is resistant are crucial factors when filing an accident report. You do not want to end up in a vulnerable situation by letting the offender off.

There are options if you find yourself in such a predicament. Remember, you can always approach a workshop to help you make a claim through a solicitor. Alternatively, you can take legal action against the offender as well.

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This article was first published in Motorist.