Car review: Audi RS 7 impresses with its effortless comfort and cruising prowess

PHOTO: sgCarMart

When it comes to the iconic Audi RS model, the RS 6 Avant holds that torch. It combines audacious performance with undeniable daily usability and practicality. As a result, that hot wagon has established itself as something of a cult figure - bold, muscular, and immediately identifiable.

However, what if you wanted everything that the RS 6 Avant delivers, but also want a little more subtlety? Well, Singapore never got the first generation model, but there is now the all new second generation RS 7 to whet your appetite.

Will you bite?

Suit and tie

The already sleek and pleasing A7 body has been put on an obvious muscle building regime. The resulting RS 7 is undeniably a sight to behold. With its fierce front fascia, sweeping roofline and muscular wheel arches, the RS 7 is a really sharp-looking car.

The RS 7 sports a bold and muscular design, yet the four-door fastback bodystyle lends it a softer, subtler look compared to the RS 6.
PHOTO: sgCarMart

At the same time, some people may be drawn to its slightly more subtle design compared to the RS 6. The extra metal on the wagon gives it much more visual weight, whereas here the tapered rear end creates a more understated look - it's just a little easier to blend into the CBD crowd with this car here.

The inside of the car is familiar Audi fare. You get a sharply appointed and highly functional cabin that exudes quality and excellence. Materials are top-notch, fit and finish is flawless, and it feels every bit as luxurious as it's price tag should suggest. There are also plenty of digital surfaces on which you can navigate a host of functions and features.

Cruise missile

On the road, the first thing that strikes you is just how supremely luxurious and comfortable this car is. Driven sensibly, power is delivered mightily yet effortlessly.

The suspension is outrageously comfortable for what is ostensibly a performance saloon, thanks to the adaptive air suspension. Cruising along the highway, there's nothing about the car that really screams performance. And in a way, I kind of like that.

The RS 7 is also surprisingly easy to live with. The all-wheel steering means that the car is still fairly easy to negotiate through tight areas, while numerous cameras give you a 360-degree view of the car when parking.

And yet, the car hasn't forgotten about that massive 4.0-litre V8 engine under the hood. Put your foot down and the V8 still delivers immense raw power, with 591bhp and 800Nm of torque rocketing you forward. It's outrageously quick, yet immensely controlled in a way that only an Audi can be.

The 4.0-litre V8 engine delivers creamy smooth power at low loads, while still offering outrageous power at full tilt.
PHOTO: sgCarMart

Riding delight

You may think that performance may be this 591bhp super sedan's calling card. But actually, it isn't. While it is certainly not lacking in performance credentials, I think that the RS 7 is best used as a luxury sedan.

Yes, I know, that sounds a little oxymoronic. But the truth is, the sheer effortlessness and comfort of the RS 7 makes it such a supremely lovable everyday car. You get four-door practicality, plenty of space, yet you also get a creamy V8 engine that isn't constantly egging you on to go faster.

With 535 litres of boot space, the RS 7 also delivers ample practicality.
PHOTO: sgCarMart

Yes, in spurts I think cars like the M5 and the E63 are more exciting. They deliver greater aural drama and gives you a greater adrenaline kick. But to drive every day?

Those cars a probably a little too much. For the 90 per cent of the time that you actually need to drive the car normally, this is the sort of car you want.

The car's immensely measured and comfortable ride complements its easy-going and smooth-sailing demeanour - perfect for every day use.
PHOTO: sgCarMart

You may be thinking, shouldn't you just get a standard A7 instead. Or perhaps even something like an A8. But no, the RS 7 delivers something entirely more than that.

Beyond just having shocking performance in reserve, the RS 7 also brings a perpetual sense of flair and delight - it has that have-it-all quality that gives it a particular air of excellence and exclusivity. It's special, without having to shout about it.

And unlike the RS 6, which carries with it a certain boisterous image honed over four generations, I'm enjoying the RS 7 as its own thing - a muscular limousine that's just perpetually pleasing. 

Man, who wouldn't want to drive this car every single day.

This article was first published in sgCarMart.