Covid-19 travel insurance: The best coverage for medical costs, cancellations and more for Singapore travellers

Covid-19 travel insurance: The best coverage for medical costs, cancellations and more for Singapore travellers
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Remember the days we could hop on a plane without a care in the world? Post-pandemic, travellers have more to worry about than a once-in-a-blue-moon case of lost luggage. Covid-19 remains a travel risk that can rack up hefty bills when it strikes, from medical costs to quarantine woes to trip cancellations. That means travel insurance is no longer an extra frill — it’s a safety net you can’t skimp on.

As Singapore launches VTLs in quick succession, insurance providers are fast catching up with policies featuring Covid-19 coverage. We’ve combed through the fine print to pick out the best single-trip travel insurance plans with Covid-19 coverage for Singapore travellers, from the budget-friendly to the comprehensive.

Allianz travel insurance

For comprehensive coverage at a pocket-friendly price, there’s no beating Allianz Travel’s Comprehensive Bronze policy. This single-trip plan has you covered in medical emergencies with up to $1,000,000 in benefits, including selected Covid-19 coverage. Should your trip be cancelled because you test positive for Covid-19 prior to departure — or other covered reasons — you can claim coverage of up to $15,000.

You’ll also get the benefit of peace of mind with 24/7 assistance — their Emergency Medical Assistance team can arrange appointments and even organise direct payment to selected providers.

Their fuss-free claim process is a plus point — unlike providers which require original documents, you can simply upload a scan or photo of your documents to Allianz Travel’s online portal.

Folks planning on a longer time abroad can consider their International Health Insurance too. Working much like health insurance at home, this multi-country plan covers not just emergency treatment but also diagnosis and post-treatment care. With 24/7 multilingual support, always-on digital services, and telehealth consultations, it’s ideal for expat families or professionals working abroad.

Allianz Travel's Comprehensive Bronze Plan starts from $35.10 for Single-Trip Travel Insurance. City Nomads readers can enjoy 40 per cent off travel insurance with the exclusive promo code citynomads40, from now till Feb 28, 2022. Get your quote here.

AIG Travel Guard

There’s nothing like a quarantine order to derail your travel plans in an instant, but having your expenses covered offers some small relief. One major perk of AIG Travel Guard’s Covid-19 coverage is a $100-per-day quarantine allowance across all policy tiers, in the event that Covid-19 strikes and leaves you in self-isolation.

Their mid-tier Superior Plan offers a stellar range of Covid-19 benefits besides, with up to $250,000 in coverage for your overseas medical expenses and a 24/7 emergency hotline to count on. Should you test positive for Covid-19 before or during your vacay, there’re travel cancellation and curtailment benefits of up to $5,000 — more than enough for mid-range trips.

AIG’s Travel Guard Superior Plan starts from $69 for one-week single-trip travel insurance within Zone 1 countries. Find out more here.

NTUC Income travel insurance

If you’re on a slim budget, make your coverage count with NTUC Income’s frills-free Classic Plan. Automatically included for all single-trip insurance plans, their Covid-19 Coverage Extension offers up to $150,000 in related medical expenses, and another $150,000 for emergency medical evacuation needs. For trip cancellations and postponement, you can recoup some losses with a modest $2,000 in benefits.

Pandemic mishaps aside, the Classic Plan packs solid coverage for personal accidents to the tune of $150,000, and up to $250,000 for non-Covid-19 medical expenses. The cherry on top? NTUC Income has partnered with Raffles Medical to offer pre-departure Covid-19 PCR tests at a discounted rate of $124.20, available upon purchase of a single-trip plan.

NTUC Income’s Classic Plan starts from $43.32 for a one-week trip within Southeast Asia. Find out more here.

HL Assurance Travel Protect360

In terms of Covid-19 medical benefits, HL Assurance’s Travel Protect360 Enhanced Plan sits on the lower end of the spectrum — up to $50,000 coverage for medical expenses. But it comes with unique features like overseas hospitalisation cash benefit of $100 for every 24 hours, as well as unlimited coverage for medical evacuation.


For trip cancellations and postponement due to Covid-19, the policy extends up to $1,000 and $750 in benefits respectively – a fairly slim coverage that may be best suited to weekend getaways. Another unique feature, however, is their No Claim Discount. If you complete a trip without making any claims from your travel insurance, you can enjoy up to 10 per cent off your next travel insurance purchase with HL Assurance.

HL Assurance’s Travel Protect360 Enhanced Plan starts from $79 for a one-week trip within Southeast Asia; currently, the brand is offering a half-price discount at $39.50. Find out more here.

Aviva travel insurance

If you’re after a truly comprehensive safety net to put your mind at ease, Aviva’s Travel Prestige plan has all the bases on medical expenses covered.

This top-tier policy features unlimited coverage for overseas medical expenses, albeit with a maximum of $20,000 to cover medical costs related to Covid-19. Grounded in quarantine overseas? Take comfort in an allowance of $100 for every 24 hours. There’s unlimited coverage for emergency medical repatriation due to Covid-19 too.

Outside of Covid-19 woes, this plan is a notable all-rounder. Besides generous benefits on personal accident protection and overseas hospitalisation income, you’re covered for emergency chiropractor and Chinese physician treatments too.

Aviva’s Travel Prestige plan starts from $69.43 for a one-week trip within ASEAN countries. Find out more here.

Great Eastern TravelSmart Premier

If you’re travelling to a VTL destination, Great Eastern’s TravelSmart Premier with Covid-19 coverage is another ultra-comprehensive option. Their plan’s Elite tier involves up to $150,000 coverage for medical and hospitalisation expenses should you be diagnosed with Covid-19. And should the worst happen before your trip, the cancellation and disruption benefits of up to $5,000 have your wallet well-covered.

For medical expenses non-related to Covid-19, it’s worth noting that Great Eastern’s plan has your back for both overseas and Singapore expenses — including hospital stays upon return to Singapore, TCM, and chiropractic treatments. You can count on their emergency assistance services for 24-hour help too.

Great Eastern’s TravelSmart Premier Elite plan starts from $67 for a one-week trip within VTL countries. Find out more here.

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