From 'crusty' seats to ultimate luxe: YouTuber tries 'world's most dangerous airline' before treating himself to SIA's Suites

From 'crusty' seats to ultimate luxe: YouTuber tries 'world's most dangerous airline' before treating himself to SIA's Suites
Ben's Lion Air experience (left) and his flight on Singapore Airlines (right).
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/Ben Morris

To appreciate the finest, you've got to first experience the unexceptional.

YouTuber Ben Morris was keen to fly Suites, the most premium of cabins, on one of the world's best airlines, Singapore Airlines (SIA).

However, the Brit felt like he needed to first "earn" the right to fly so lavishly so he chose to "start at the bottom".

And by that, he meant taking a flight on what travel site TripSavvy deemed the world's most dangerous airline, Lion Air, which is based in Indonesia. 

On Tuesday (Aug 15), Ben posted a 12-minute-long YouTube video reviewing his Lion Air and SIA experience.

His Lion Air flight would take him from Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, to Bali, which is a relatively short journey of under two hours.

"I've been on Ryanair [and] Wizz Air. Can it get much worse? Probably," Ben said, with a tinge of dread in his voice.

Entering the plane, he mentioned it was time to find out if Lion Air is really as bad as reports made them out to be.

His first impressions "weren't that bad". It looked like a fully booked flight, and Ben had some trouble deciphering if that was a plus point or not.

While he said the seats were rather "crusty", the YouTuber admitted that they were actually surprisingly comfortable.

Another positive from his Lion Air experience is the standard of service.

"The staff have been so, so lovely," Ben gushes. 

On the other hand, the level of turbulence on the flight was not welcome and this brought a general sense of uneasiness to him.

It turned out to be nothing more than paranoia.

Everything was fine until Ben took a trip to the loo.

He described it as a "bog standard toilet" and made the very smart decision to not touch the toilet seat.

Unfortunately, he had to grab some tissue to lift the toilet seat.

Let's just say, thank goodness Ben pixelated the part of the video showing what he saw in the toilet bowl. It can't have been pleasing to the eye.

After a rather bumpy plane landing, Ben looked relieved to have "survived" the world's most dangerous airline.

Let the grandeur begin

Ben's fancy experience began in Singapore, and the flight landed in Delhi.

Given that it was his first time flying Suites, one couldn't blame him for being left speechless countless times.

From fancy alcohol to fine dining, a full-grain leather chair to an entire bed, this was luxury air travel at its finest.

Ben was in the skies for a total of five-and-a-half hours. But with amenities like that, he must've wish he'd taken a longer Suites flight.


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