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Daycation hotel prices in Singapore: M Social, Fairmont, Shangri-La and more

Daycation hotel prices in Singapore: M Social, Fairmont, Shangri-La and more
PHOTO: MoneySmart
Ever since working from home became the default from May 2021, every day has become a bit of a blur.
What better way to bougie up your days with a daycation — i.e. a staycation, except without sleeping over night?

Daycations in Singapore have really taken off because of three things:

  • Work from home (WFH) fatigue
  • Travel cost
  • Don’t know where to go

The last bit is important because a staycation is essentially sleeping in another bed, but without added luxuries.

A daycation can be up to 75 per cent cheaper than staying the entire night, so what’s not to love?

And what if you just want the luxuries without the bed, especially when your own bed is even more comfortable? Daycations just make ¢ent$.

Here are the 10 most popular hotels for daycations in Singapore and their prices:

Top 10 Daycation Hotels in Singapore

Daycation Hotels Singapore Price Timeslots
M Social Daycation $90 – $140 8am-8pm 9am-5pm
Fairmont Daycation $66 – $98 3 hours
Shangri-La Sentosa Daycation
Andaz Daycation
Mandarin Orchard Daycation (closed)
Sofitel Daycation $190++ 7am-7pm
Sofitel Sentosa Daycation $198++ 9:30am-5pm
Studio M Daycation $90 – $130 10am-5pm 12pm-6pm 8am-8pm
Hotel Mono Daycation $50 – $99 4-9 hours
Orchard Hotel Daycation $120 8 hours

1. M Social Daycation


Located along 90 Roberstson Quay, M Social hotel is best known for their loft hotel rooms – sofa, bathroom, and in-room bar downstairs, and a steep flight of stairs leading up to the bed on the mezzanine loft.

The Millennium Hotels-owned hotel is popular amongst youngsters thanks to its floor to ceiling glass windows and curtains, and its picturesque and unique layout.

You don’t need to visit a third-party website to secure a daycation package with M Social. Hop over to the hotel’s own website and you’ll find Daycation packages at M Social priced from $90 to $140.

Daycation hours span from 8am to 8pm, or 9am to 5pm.

The pricier packages include set lunch for two pax, swimming pool access, and 15per cent discount off your food and beverage orders.

2. Fairmont Daycation

Fairmont Singapore used to offer daycation packages. However, in the thick of the F1 and tourist seasons, you won’t find available daycation slots on Fairmont’s own website and third-party booking sites alike.

Instead, you can opt for the City Wellness package ($66 or $98) which grants you access to Fairmont’s swimming pool, gm, and spa facilities for 3 hours. Time slots include:

  • 7am to 10am
  • 10am to 1pm
  • 1pm to 4pm
  • 4pm to 7pm

You’ll also get a two-course lunch if you’re visiting between 11:30am and 7pm. It’s a pretty cool way to chill out while your kids are away at school, or if you have a couple of hours to kill in town.

3. Shangri-La Sentosa Daycation

Back in the peak of Covid-19 in 2020, Shangri-La Sentosa used to offer daycations for families. The daycation package included access to children’s play areas, beach water sports, dining credits, and parking.

Prices spanned from complimentary (for toddlers), $10 (pre-schoolers), upwards to $75 per adult.

Now that tourists are back and travel is in full swing, Shangri-La Sentosa seems to have phased out their daycation packages.

4. Andaz Daycation


The modern Andaz Hotel along 5 Fraser St in Bugis used to offer daycation packages at $170 for 8 hours. You could also get similar Andaz daycation coupons from Klook.

Back in the Covid-19 pandemic years, Andaz was a popular choice amongst Singaporeans for daycations since it accepted the government-issued Singapore Rediscover vouchers.

Now that travel is back in season, Andaz’s daycation packages are no longer available for booking.

5. Mandarin Orchard Daycation (Closed)

For a hotel that’s rated 5-stars and located along the upscale shopping belt of Orchard Road, Mandarin Orchard used to be a popular choice for daycation amongst Singaporeans. 

However, Mandarin Orchard shuttered for good in February 2022. Its premises was taken over by Hilton Hotel.

While it was still around, Mandarin Orchard’s daycation package was priced at $88++. Price included refreshments such as snacks, tea, and coffee. You could opt for the hotel’s famously expensive chicken rice as well.

6. Sofitel Daycation

Located right next to the Apple Orchard flagship store, Sofitel Singapore City Centre is one of the newer hotels that launched in 2017.

Like most other hotels, Sofitel offered daycation packages to draw the local crowd through its door in the Covid years – and continue to offer such packages.

You’ll be able to book yourself a Sofitel daycation from $190++ per pax from 7am to 7pm. You get all the usual in-room tea, coffee, and Wi-Fi.

At $190++ per pax, this comes as one of the most expensive daycations in Singapore.

7. Sofitel Sentosa Daycation


Then, there is the idyllic and luxurious Sofitel Sentosa Resort located near Tanjong Beach Club. At $198++ per pax, you get your room, Wi-Fi, and $60 dining credits from 9:30am to 5pm.

Of course, since you’re in Sentosa, you must go for a dip in the beautiful Sofitel pool and bask in the tropics. This daycation package will grant you access to both the resort’s gym and pool.

8. Studio M Daycation

If you’ve considered M Social, you would have searched for Studio M as well. Both “M” hotels belong to the same Millennium Hotels and Resorts group, and are marketed to be trendy, appealing to the young adult crowd.

Studio M is located along Nanson Road (also in the Robertson Quay vicinity). The one thing that sets Studio M aside is their room availability – all rooms at Studio M are loft style rooms.

Daycation prices at Studio M range from $90 to $130 for:

  • 10am to 5pm
  • 12pm to 6pm
  • 8am to 8pm

You also get access to the gym and pool, in-room refreshments, and set lunch for 2 pax.

9. Hotel Mono Daycation


One of the most trendy boutique hotels around is Hotel Mono – aptly named so after its black and white monochrome design language and interiors.

The daycation (or Workcation) packages offers you your own room, spanning from a small double room to deluxe double room. You get to choose the number of hours you’d like to be there for – 4, 6, or 9 hours from Mondays to Thursdays, and Sundays only.

Prices are very friendly, spanning from $50 to $99. However, the Hotel Mono daycation seems like a no-frills package with no other inclusion. Cool if you’re just going there to do some work, chill, and takeaway food.

10. Orchard Hotel Daycation

Not to be mistaken for Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Orchard Hotel is located next to Delfi Orchard (behind Orchard Towers). You’ll find Orchard Hotel daycation packages offered both on their official hotel website and on third-party booking sites such as Day Use.

Orchard Hotel’s daycation package costs around $120 for 8 hours. You get in-room coffee and tea, pool and gym access, and parking coupon. That’s pretty much it, though. The daycation package is pretty no-frills.

Currently, Orchard Hotel doesn’t seem to have available daycation rooms for booking – likely due to the uptick in travel and Formula 1 season.

Where to book Daycation in Singapore?

There are several ways to book daycations — DayUse, DayAway, booking or coupon deals site like Klook, or directly from the hotel. 


Hotel booking platform DayUse sprouted in Singapore in 2021 to cater to the burgeoning daycation and staycation crowd. On its website, you will have to first choose your city/country, staycation or daycation before you get to access the choices. 


As its name suggests, DayAway is an app that solely focuses on day-use hotel deals in Singapore — either a work-from-hotel package (“WorkAway”) or a more relaxed daycation deal (“DayAway”). Currently the list of hotels on it is rather small, but it’s growing day by day. 


As one of the most popular Singapore Rediscover Voucher friendly booking sites, Klook probably needs no introduction. It lists some daycation packages — but you’ll need to do some digging as they’re buried within the hotel listing. Searching for “daycation” throws up very little results, so you’ll have to search via the hotel itself.

Thinking of using your Singapore Rediscover Vouchers on a daycation? Not so fast — while it’s generally okay to use them on hotel stays, not all daycation packages allow you to use your vouchers.

Direct via hotel

Most hotels would rather have you stay the night to make full use of their facilities, but some hotels do list daycation packages on their websites. Some, like Goodwood Park Hotel and York Hotel, offer a daycation package under the guise of a work-from-hotel package.

It’s worth comparing deals from DayAway and Klook with the hotel’s own package because usually, for the same price, hotel packages offer more or may have tie ups with credit cards

Best credit cards for daycation bookings 

Depending on which booking platform you use, your credit card strategy might be different.

We’ve found that Klook and other travel booking platforms sometimes offer special deals with certain air miles cards. So you might want to dust off that sadly underutilised miles card and charge your stay to it.

If you prefer cashback, you could consider charging it to an online shopping credit card. Do note the minimum spend and cashback caps, though.

Paying at the hotel? Your best bet is to use one of these basic, no-frills cashback cards where you needn’t bother with any terms and conditions.

Daycays for vacays: yay or nay?

Who’s staycation? I don’t know her. I only know this “girl” called daycation, and she’s way more flexible than staycation could ever hope to be.

Like I said in the beginning, daycations are a way for people to get away without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to check for credit card promotions and see if you can offset the amount with your Singapore Rediscover vouchers.

Daycations are also perfect for people who find their own beds more comfortable, because sometimes hotel beds are just not cut out for a restful sleep — and waking up the next morning feels less relaxing than it’s intended to be.

Remember that if you book a daycation, always remember to compare offers via the hotels’ websites, and also check if there are any credit card promotions.

A daycay away keeps the work blues away!

This article was first published in MoneySmart.

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