A dining guide to Upper Thomson: Cafes, restaurants, and local eats galore

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Upper Thomson is known for its food, with its plethora of cafes, local food, and restaurants. The bustling neighbourhood is also an attractive area to spend relaxing afternoons in with a nice cup of coffee or a sweet treat.

Whether you’re trawling for a new supper location or looking to revisit brunch favourites, you’ll find it in the foodie haven that is Upper Thomson.


1. One Man Coffee

Reminiscent of Melbourne coffee shops, the industrial-chic decor and artisanal coffee at One Man Coffee are simple yet soothing.

Pop by for a cuppa made with beans from Nylon Coffee Roasters or check out their calming line of teas – we recommend the Sakura ($6 for hot, $7 for iced) for its bouquet of floral flavours.

They also have a diversified all-day brunch menu with nosh like the crowd-pleasing Gashouse Eggs ($13) served with homemade bacon jam and the hearty All-In Brekkie ($19).

One Man Coffee is located at 215R Upper Thomson Road Singapore, Singapore 574349, p. +65 9658 1685. Open daily from 9am-5pm.

2. Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters

Well-known in Upper Thompson for their beautiful all-white interior, simplistic wooden tables and floods of natural sunlight, Pacamara serves up some of the best Truffles Fries ($9) in Singapore.

Tuck into other savoury dishes like the Slow Cooked Ox Cheek ($24) while those with a sweet tooth will enjoy the gorgeous display of fried brioche heaped with berries, marshmallows and maple syrup in Who Spilled The Jam ($18).

Thirsty? Take your pick from their range of freshly-brewed coffees, cold brews and craft beers.

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters is located at 185 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574333, p. +65 6397 5564. Open daily from 9am-9pm.

3. Yahava KoffeeWorks

Coffee aficionados will feel at home in the warm atmosphere of Yahava Koffeeworks.

The fragrance of fresh roasted beans greets you at The Roastery upfront, enticing you to the Tasting Bench to sample complimentary doses of coffee using beans sourced from across the globe such as Guatemala and Ethiopia.

They also serve teas, milkshakes, matcha lattes, chocolatey drinks and ice-blended beverages.

Yahava Koffeeworks is located at 50 Tagore Ln, #B1-02 EBC Lifestyle Hub, Singapore 787494, p. +65 6554 7080. Open daily from 9am-6pm.

4. All The Batter

Enjoy all things avocado at this weekend-only cafe off Upper Thomson Road. Their delicious avocado drinks ($6.90 – $7.80) comes in a variety of flavours – think Skinny Avocado Milkshake, Avocado Banana Royale, and Avocado & Chocolate.

Avo on toast are also available in delicious combinations like the Avocado Medley Smash ($16.90) and Beechwood Smoked Salmon Smash ($18.90).

We can’t forget their signature Fresh Avocado Milk Ball ($3.50), which is beautifully creamy on the inside.

All The Batter is located at 17 Jasmine Road, Adelphi Park Singapore 576585, p. +65 8510 6313. Open Sat-Sun 11am-7.30pm.

5. Thrive

A collaboration between Boxgreen and An Acai Affair, Thrive is every health food junkie’s dream cafe. The cosy space boasts colourful throw pillows, leafy greenery,  and cool acai bowls.

The Triple A is packed with fresh fruits and superfoods; if you prefer to drink your acai, try the refreshing blend of bananas and strawberries in the Aloha Acai smoothie.

There’s also coffee and delicious cold brews for those who need their caffeine fix.

Thrive is located at 215B Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574349, p. +65 9688 9211. Open Mon-Thurs, Sun 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm.

6. Thus Coffee

Finding your way to Thus Coffee is like hunting for treasure – it takes a little bit of work but is completely worth it once you’ve arrived.

Skip the typical brunch plates available in other cafes for the Wagyu Beef & Scramble ($33) and spicy Asian fusion Chicken Cutlet Jjolmyeon ($18).

The true highlight here, however, is their indulgent Berry Matcha Lava Cake ($15) that oozes beautifully when cut through. Pair it with a steaming cup of joe made with beans roasted in-house for a match made in food heaven.

Thus Coffee is located at 4 Jalan Kuras Singapore, Singapore 577723, p. +65 8411 7565. Open daily from 9am-9pm.

7. Columbus Coffee Co.

Headed by the team behind Atlas Coffeehouse and Lunar Coffee Brewers, Columbus Coffee Co is a quality brunch concept to the table with a medley of burgers, pastas and asian fusion fare.

Our favourite? Their famed Butterscotch Banana Pancakes ($18.50) with maple cornflakes and vanilla ice cream.

For coffee, you get to choose between a comforting Atlas or get adventurous with the playful Nautica blend.

Columbus Coffee Co. is located at 220 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574352, p. +65 6253 6024. Open Tues-Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 9am-7pm.

Local Eats

1. Casuarina Curry Restaurant

Combining a delightfully crisp texture and rich flavours in a single dish, it’s not surprise that roti prata is an iconic Singaporean breakfast and supper choice.

Casuarina Curry Restaurant serves up a sizeable portion for its price, with your choice of fish or mutton curry on the side.

While you can’t beat the simplicity of a Plain ($1.30 for one piece) or Egg ($2.10 for one piece), they also cook up innovative creations such as Cheese Sausage ($4.80), Chicken Floss ($4.30) and even Chocolate ($3.20).

Casuarina Curry Restaurant is located at 136 Casuarina Road, Singapore 579524, p. +65 6455 9093. Open Mon-Thurs, Sun 7am-11pm, Fri-Sat 7am-11.30pm.

2. Meng’s Kitchen

Early risers and night owls can treat themselves to a hearty bowl of Bak Chor Mee at Meng’s Kitchen.

Not only are the noodles delightfully springy, it is heaped with generous helpings of meatballs, pork lard, mushrooms, sliced pork and minced meat, tossed in chilli and vinegar.

Add on their minced pork stuffed Deep Fried Thai Tofu, which has gotten rave reviews for being crispy on the outside but soft on the inside.

Meng’s Kitchen is located at 246B Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574370, p. +65 6455 4890. Open daily from 9am-4.30pm.

3. Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood Restaurant

Zi char lovers and seafood enthusiasts, this is the place to be. Singaporeans will come flocking for their famed prawn paste chicken Har Cheong Gai ($12 for medium).

The well-marinated and tender chicken meat is coated in crispy batter and emits an aromatic fragrance before it even reaches the table.

The Crispy Noodle ($10 for medium) is incredibly flavourful and filling, but make sure you leave room for their Chilli and Black Pepper Crab ($70, 1kg) too.

Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood Restaurant is located at 122/124 Casuarina Road, Singapore 579510, p. +65 6452 2824. Open Mon-Thurs 11am-2.30pm, 5pm-10pm, Fri-Sun 5pm-11am.

4. Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice

While not the most Instagrammable dish on our list, Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice is one of the most highly recommended places for comfort food on our island.

Similar to that of a cai fan stall where dishes are displayed behind a glass panel and customers will pick out what they want, our top picks include the Pork Cutlet, Tau Pok, Prawn Roll and Braised Pork Belly.

The liberal drizzle of thick and spicy Hainanese curry sauce over your plate is a must.

Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice is located at 244F Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574369. Open daily from 11am-3.30am.


1. Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant

We love our dim sum, especially when it comes rolling to us on a trolley. And heritage brand Peach Garden is one of the few remaining places where waitresses attend to you with an old-school pushcart of traditional bites.

For the steamed dim sum, you can’t go wrong with Har Gau, Siew Mai and Char Siew Bao.

When it comes to the fried dim sum, make sure you stock up on the Fried Beancurd Roll, Yam Puffs and Carrot Cake. If you’re still hungry for more, check out their a la carte menu for Char Siew, Pig Trotters and a hearty Roasted Crispy Peking Duck.

Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant is located at Thomson Plaza, #01-88, 301 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574408, p. +65 6451 3233. Open Mon-Fri 11am.2.30pm, 6pm-10.30pm, Sat-Sun 9.30am-2.30pm, 3pm-5pm, 6pm-10.30pm.

2. Omoté

Japanese restaurants are a dime a dozen, but Omoté is one of our go-to places for reasonably priced donburi.

The signature Omoté Chirashi Don ($16.70) is brimming with fresh treasures of the ocean that include thick chunks of tuna and salmon with bursts of umami from the ikura.

For cooked options, pick up indulgent bowls of Garlic Yakiniku Don ($24.40), Unagi Kabayaki Don ($28.30) and a delicious side of Hotate Cheese Mentaiyaki ($16.90).

Omoté is located at 301 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Plaza #03-24A, Singapore 574408, p. +65 9450 1020. Open Mon, Weds-Thurs, Sat-Sun 11.45am – 2pm, 5.45pm-9pm, Fri  11.45am – 2pm, 5.45pm-9.15pm.

3. Wilder Mann German Restaurant Bar

Celebrate Oktoberfest everyday at this cosy German establishment, where the ambiance is homely with wooden furniture and warm-toned lights and true-blue German beers and cocktails flow freely – at least until 10pm.

You’ll also find traditional German fare like schnitzels and classic sausages in the Zwei Bratwürste mit Pommes ($10.80). Stop in on Fridays and Saturdays for their limited portions of Pork Knuckles ($36) that are incredibly meaty and all-round awesome.

Wilder Mann German Restaurant Bar is located at 906 Upper Thomson Rd, Singapore 787110, p. +65 6459 1090. Open Tues-Sun, 6pm-10pm.

4. E-Sarn Thai Corner

Amongst all the Thai restaurants in Upper Thomson, E-Sarn Thai Corner tops our list.

Dating back to 1994, founder Madam Achara’s once-humble hawker stall has evolved into five hidden gems around Singapore, dishing out authentic North-Eastern Thai cuisine like the Minced Meat Larb Salad ($12.50) and Sun-Dried Beef ($15.50) with a homemade chili dip.

Classics like Seafood Tom Yum Soup ($9.50) and Green Curry Chicken ($13.50) are also available.

E-Sarn Thai Corner is located at 9 Thomson Ridge, Singapore 574637, p. +65 6554 4174. Open daily 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-9.30pm.

This article was first published in City Nomads.