Divination in Singapore: Where to find fortune telling, tarot reading, palmistry, and energy healing services

Divination in Singapore: Where to find fortune telling, tarot reading, palmistry, and energy healing services
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We've met some uncertain times, what with climate crises and economic fears on the rise - not to mention the Wuhan influenza scare that cleared supermarket shelves just weeks ago.

Looking for a little peace of mind? Get a little clarity on your future with some divination and energy healing in Singapore. There's no hard science in the divine arts, but hey - we could all do with a little more hopefulness!


Angel numbers and divine intervention… if you believe in the divine correlation between numbers and life events, numerology might be the one for you. This practice studies the numerical value of the letters in words, names, and ideas, and is often associated with other fortune telling methods like astrology.

Who to look for: Renaye Chan of Alchemy Consultancy Services is a certified numerology teacher and "consultant to the stars", with many media professionals seeking her out for insight on everything from career to family.

Her rates go for $150 per half hour and $250 for a full hour, and sessions usually include a bit of tarot and astrology as well.

Get in touch at +65 9366 0272.



Not much fortune telling here as we're now talking alternative medicine. Reiki's purpose largely revolve around energy healing, and practitioners often use a technique of palm healing (not to be confused with palm reading) that directs "universal energy" into the patient to promote wellness.

Branching off from traditional practice, many healers also offer talismans imbued with positive energy that bring protection, love, or healing to wearers.

Who to look for: Nara is founder of My Grandmama's Secret and creator of hand-crafted mojo bags that are carefully crafted with botanicals, healing herbs, stones & crystals to cater to different needs simultaneously on Spiritual, Emotional, Magical, and Physical levels. They're also charged with healing oils and La moon-ed!

Get in touch at +65 8127 9514.


The act of reading palms, also known as palmistry or chiromancy, explores the art of examining every bump, callus, and wrinkle on a hand to interpret a person's character or predict their future.

In some cases, palm readers use other methods of divination concurrently to achieve greater accuracy and success.

Who to look for: Master Chuan follows a Chinese Four Pillar Analysis approach to palmistry - a unique combination of Chinese astrology and palmistry.

Most readings are greatly focused on the individual's own interest points, and are much more tailored than most others. A 60- to 90-minute palm reading and Four Pillar analysis ranges from $120 to $200.

Get in touch at +65 9818 8981.

Tarot Reading


Originating from the mid-15th century in various parts of Europe, what was once a card game like the Austrian Königrufen quickly transformed into a medium of divination. Tarot card readings often gain insight into the past, present or future by interpreting the meaning of cards drawn in response to questions.

Who to look for: Mamatha Ramachandra picked up the tarot from a gypsy woman in London, and has spent over 12 years performing readings in Singapore at Tara Light Within.

Get in touch at +65 9749 9287.


When most people think fortune telling, they think of psychics pulling their divinations from feelings or "vibes" in the environment - and that's what clairvoyance is in essence. It often involves precognition: The ability to perceive or predict future events, and retrocognition - the ability to see past events.

Who to look for: Psychic coach and intuitive Lynda Woolf has worked on FBI and police cases and became famous around the world for her accuracy and psychic ability. Congenial, open, and friendly, she conducts both online and offline services from $125 for 30 minutes. No harm trying, right?

Get in touch at +65 9832 8925.

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The Chinese believe in three cosmic forces of the universe: Destiny, Earth Luck, and Human Luck. The practice of fengshui addresses Earth Luck directly.

It cannot intrinsically affect one's destiny, but helps improve the intensity of ups and downs of life in general, and experienced masters in the art may also be able to tell past events and forecast future outcomes.

Who to look for: Want to improve the flow of luck in your life? David Tong from Chinese Metaphysics Global Consulting is a pro at classic fengshui techniques, which include furniture placement and bazi readings - no hard selling of crystal balls or talismans here.

Get in touch at +65 9829 9670.

Crystal Energising

Proponents of crystal healing believe that the properties of various precious stones can absorb negative energy or dissipate positive ones.

While it isn't difficult to buy your own stash of rose quartz or aquamarine, crystals tend to absorb random energies from being handled by various people, so it's pertinent to cleanse them yourself - or find someone who knows how to.

Who to look for: Master Jenny provides psychic readings, spiritual healing, and crystal cleanings for a multitude of clients. The price of cleansing and energising by Master Jenny varies depending on their size and weight.

Get in touch here.

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