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DIY car detailing: Choosing the best products for every inch of your car

DIY car detailing: Choosing the best products for every inch of your car
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"Your car is a reflection of you" - similar to how we regularly maintain our appearances, we must also maintain the cleanliness and condition of our cars.

With the expensive price tag of cars in Singapore, it is no wonder owners care so much about their cars.

If you are unsure of the proper way to care for your car, here is a guide to car detailing products to ensure your car is always showroom worthy!

External care


Car shampoo helps you to remove contaminants on your vehicle, allowing you to achieve squeaky-clean paintwork.

Regardless of what method you use to wash your car, there is always a formulated shampoo for your preferred method, be it the conventional two-bucket wash or foam gun.

A pH neutral shampoo without any shine-enhancing additives makes it suitable for use on any car regardless of its finish.


Be it the spray-on, paste or liquid car wax, they serve the same purpose - to provide you with a straightforward application to cleanse your paintwork and give your vehicle a deep, glossy finish.

The protective coating from the wax application allows your car to bead water. Water droplets will simply slide off your car when it rains instead of staying there and creating water spots when they dry off.

It also makes stain removal, such as bird dropping, simple, making it easier for owners to upkeep the cleanliness and shine of their car for a longer period.


If you are looking to protect your vehicle's paintwork and achieve a long-lasting shine simultaneously, sealant products are just for you.

As its name suggests, the sealant binds and seals itself with the paintwork of your car.

It produces a mirror-like, high gloss finish that protects the paint from harmful and corrosive elements, such as UV rays, dirt, and oil.

Always wondered how cars maintain the 'showroom-condition'? This is your answer.


During your car ownership journey, it is inevitable for your vehicle to be exposed to paint imperfection because of stubborn watermarks and scratches.

This is where car polishing products are essential for your car care routine.

Polishing products fixes the issue of paint imperfection by removing blemishes and scratches (if they are not large or deep), giving it a shiny, glossy shine in the polishing process.

Tyres and rims care

Wheel cleaners

Quite a few people overlook the importance of a good wheel cleaner in their car cleaning kits. Wheel cleaners remove all the filth and keep your wheels spotless without damaging your rims.

The last thing you want as a car owner is to have brake dust and dirt accumulate on your wheels. Over time, these impurities can cause wheel corrosion if left unchecked.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your wheels is an essential process for ensuring your car is in immaculate condition.

Tyre shine

Over time, tyres will eventually lose their fresh, dark appearance and start to roughen up from the scuff and do not be alarmed or surprised when you notice grimy spots appearing on them.

No matter how much blood and sweat you put into scrubbing and cleaning them, it will never look as fresh as before.

This is where the car tyre shine is necessary, giving the tyres a glossy finish and it also prevents tyre discolouration.

Interior care

Detailing spray

Quick and simple to use, detailing sprays are essential in keeping your interior spick-and-span by removing any odour in the car and gives the interior trimmings a dust repellent coating.

Since detailing sprays are affordable, it is a must-have product given its functionality.

Pro tip: Detailing sprays are suitable for use on both the interior and exterior of a vehicle, making it an extremely versatile car detailing product.

Leather cleaner/conditioner

Aside from the occasional fabric seats of entry-level cars and Alcantara seats of sports cars, most cars in Singapore comes with leather seats.

Considering the hot and humid weather in Singapore, leather seats are prone to cracking and premature wear out if not properly cared for.

As such, leather cleaners/conditioners are vital in protecting your seats from harmful UV rays while removing any dirt in the process. Plus, it makes your car seats look brand new! There are just too many positives with this product!

Practising a regular and comprehensive car care routine will pay off when you look to sell your car in the future. A well-maintained car will undoubtedly be a more attractive option to potential buyers.

If you're lazy to do it yourself, you can always look for qualified car washing companies!

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