Don’t be a party pooper: Here are 5 ways you can join in the fun to save more at Lazada’s 9th birthday sale


Birthday parties are all about fun and games, especially prior to the main event: the cake-cutting.

Lazada's 9th birthday celebration is no different.

Filled with surprises, games, rewards, sales, and parties, Lazada's surprise birthday sale on March 27 is not to be missed.

And here's a little secret: these games and events in the week leading up to March 27 are where you actually get all your coins and coupons to ensure you get the best deals on the day itself!

Ready for some shoppertainment?

1. Get in on the Surprise Goodie

Stand a chance to snag a Samsung A7 tablet for $1! PHOTO: AsiaOne/Lynette Phua

A Samsung A7 tablet for $1? It's possible only during Lazada's anniversary celebration.

Stand a chance to win the surprise goodie of the day every day till March 26. If you're lucky, you might just get to win items such as a home karaoke system at either $0.10 or $1! Just click on the goodie of the day under 'Flash Sale' on the homepage to get in on the fun.

Didn't win? Fret not, you will be refunded in Coins (10 coins for $0.10 and 100 coins for $1) which you can easily use to redeem vouchers later.

2. Hit up Happy Cake

Hit up the new Happy Cake game in the Lazada app to win vouchers! PHOTO: AsiaOne/Lynette Phua

When it comes to cakes, the more the merrier. The same goes for Happy Cake.

To win a $9 (off $50) voucher, hit up the new Happy Cake game in the Lazada app, and stack up to nine levels of cake! Open gift boxes, visit stores, complete your daily tasks, and you'll be able to get your nine-level-tall cake pretty easily.

Do remember to stack this voucher with other promotions on March 27. More on how to stack your vouchers later!

Here's where you can find yourself some Happy Cake: go to the 'Account' tab from the app's homepage, and click the 'Happy Cake' tile.

3. Participate in the Pre-Sale fun

The LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer is going for almost 30 per cent off during Lazada's birthday sale. PHOTO: AsiaOne/Lynette Phua

A Jurlique bath care set for almost 70 per cent off? An annual supply of Kinohimitsu Collagen Diamond 5300 for 50 per cent off? The LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer at $300 off its $1,099 retail price? These are just some of the great deals you can find at Lazada's 9th birthday pre-sale.

From now till March 26, place a deposit of nine per cent on these deals (only accessible via app) to lock in the price before the sale starts.

Remember, these early-bird prices are only valid if you complete the full payment on March 27!

4. Crank up the volume for the Super Party

Miss bringing the house down partying at a concert? While we can't do that in-person now, Lazada has made it possible for us to party virtually with award-winning singer Katy Perry and South Korea's top youth boy band NCT Dream at their Super Party!

The star-studded lineup, in the party hosted by Lazada and simulcasted all across Southeast Asia, will also feature Singapore talents such as renowned performers Nathan Hartono and Jasmine Sokko, talented beatboxer Dharni Ng, and the brilliant stand-up comedian Sharul Channa.

Here, take a sneak peek into the highly anticipated lineup of performances by checking out Lazada's 9th Birthday Super Party playlist on Spotify.

Party hard at Super Party on March 26, from 9.30pm to 12am!

5. Stalk your favourite K-Pop Stars Live on LazLive

Get up close and personal with some of your favourite Korean stars on LazLive every Saturday from now till May 1.

Stalk Tune in to the likes of AB6IX, Loona, and Weeekly to play games, interact and win great giveaways!

Have a question for these K-stars? Pop your question in the pinned post on the 'feed' tab on your Lazada app homepage, or even ask them 'live'. If you're lucky, your question may just be picked and answered by the stars themselves!

LazLive with K-Pop stars happens every Saturday at 8pm.

Collected way more vouchers than you can even keep track? You'd be glad to know that for Lazada's 9th Birthday celebration, you get to stack your vouchers for even greater discounts - here's how.

Get the Lazada Bonus by March 27, find items with the Lazada Bonus badges, add them all to cart. On D-day, stack your (free) shipping voucher, Lazada seller voucher, bank voucher, and your Lazada Bonus and check your shopping cart out all at one go!

To minimise panicking and to ensure that you get everything on your wish list, remember, like Lee Min-ho has always preached, add to cart now.

This article is brought to you in partnership with Lazada.