The Dragon Chamber: This speakeasy-style Chinese restaurant and bar camouflages as a kopitiam

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If you've recently dined at a new kopitiam in Circular Road serving wonton noodles, you might have thought that that was all to it.

But hidden beyond a door that's camouflaged by a glass chiller is a speakeasy-style Chinese restaurant and bar, The Dragon Chamber. A brainchild of Ebb & Flow Group and Tung Lok Group, it houses a 45-seat main dining area, 12-seat bar and a 24-seat private dining space.

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The path leading into The Dragon Chamber mimics the look of Hong Kong street-side stalls.

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The interiors of this secret spot are in stark contrast to the bright, casual vibes of the kopitiam outside, and you're immediately plunged into a scene reminiscent of gambling dens or underground hangouts often portrayed in Hong Kong triad-themed films.

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The walls are splashed with colourful, neon-hued artworks by local and regional artists including Sabotage, Mister Tucks and Riandy Karuniawan referencing Chinese traditions, to set the scene for this eatery's modern, quirky take on Chinese cuisine.

In fact, you'll find adventurous dishes not for the faint-hearted, with ingredients such as crocodile penis and feet on the menu.

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Cabinet doors behind the bar counter are designed to look like the medicine drawers in traditional Chinese medical halls.

Expect a multi-sensorial experience when you step into The Dragon Chamber, where not only can you expect a feast at your table, but also a feast for your eyes, especially when special light effects are designed to make the colourful artworks on the walls pop.

Photo: Home & Decor

The Dragon Chamber is located at 2 Circular Road,

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