Durian delivery services Singapore: Which is the cheapest?

Durian delivery services Singapore: Which is the cheapest?
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Other than the festive season(s), our next favourite kind of season to celebrate would be none other than the durian kind. We’re kickstarting durian season with a shortlist of all of our favourite delivery options — so you’ll always have the cream of the crop!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — for some of us at least. Yes, durian season is back! It seemed like just yesterday when we were scrambling between stores, trying to bargain our way to the best D24 or XO deals.

But things were much simpler then. Now, we’re bombarded with a laundry list of durian types and basically spoilt for choice.

We know last year’s pickings weren’t the most ideal (as if 2020 wasn’t bad enough), but it seems like Mother Nature is making up for the lost time.

We heard through the (durian) vine that this year’s harvest is expected to be of a much higher quality and quantity. After surveying the various durian stalls islandwide — the rumours seem to be true!

Before we dive deep into our shortlist of online durian delivery options, here’s a quick refresher on the different types of durians available.

Now that you’re all caught up, let’s go.

Singapore durian delivery services at a glance 

Delivery Service Delivery Charge Minimum Order Delivery Hours Islandwide Delivery?
227 Katong Durian $10 for next-day delivery, $12 for same-day delivery $30 2pm – 10.30pm, with an order cut-off time of 7pm. Yes
The Durian Story $10 7pm – 10pm Yes
Ah Lian Durian $8
Enjoy free delivery when you purchase more than 3 boxes.
7pm – 9pm Yes
211 House of Durian $10 Depends on availability Yes
Durian Delivery $9.70 for same-day delivery, $13.70 for express delivery.
Free delivery for orders above $100.
10 am – 12 midnight Yes
WTF Durian $10
Free delivery for orders over 6kg
Min. 2kg Depends on availability Yes
99 Old Trees Durian $6.90
Free delivery for orders over $100
3pm – 10pm Yes
The Durian Times $10 Depends on availability Yes
Mr. Durian $10
Free delivery for orders above $160
After 5pm Yes

1. 227 Katong Durian


What was once a makeshift stall is now a permanent fixture located along, you guessed it, 227 East Coast Road. Ever since its entry to the game in 2008,  227 Katong Durian has amassed quite a following, all of whom are anxiously waiting for the next batch to drop.

While the store is popular for D13s, they also carry other popular types such as Red Prawn, Mao Shan Wang, and D1. While you’re here, why not grab some of their other fresh fruits for the non-durian fans in your family!

227 Katong Durian Delivery Charges: $10 for next-day delivery, $12 for same-day delivery

227 Katong Durian Minimum Order: S$30

227 Katong Durian Delivery Hours: 2PM – 10.30PM (Order cut-off at 7pm)

Delivers Islandwide: Yes

Order here .

2.  The Durian Story


The Durian Story was established with a clear target audience in mind — to make durians accessible for millennials and gen-zs.

Visit their brick-and-mortar stall in Serangoon North and you’ll be greeted by a dazzling neon sign that literally shouts durian. They’re also big on puns — re: Once Upon A Thorn. Heh.

Not only are the durians here well-priced, The Durian Story is also popular for its group buy function and durian party planning services — so if you’re on the lookout, you know who to call!

The Durian Story Delivery Charges: $10 flat fee

The Durian Story Minimum Order: N/A

The Durian Story Delivery Hours: 7PM – 10PM

Delivers Islandwide: Yes

Order here

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3. Ah Lian Durian


Finally, one for those up in the North! Ah Lian Durian is located on Yishun Ring and offers a wide variety — some with names we’ve never even heard before. Coupled with their varied offering, the high quality of their durians have enabled them to consistently sell out before the day’s end.

With  competitive pricing and unique bundle deals, Ah Lian Durian truly lives up to its promise of serving up deal-icious durians!

Ah Lian Durian delivery charges: $8 / Free delivery when you purchase more than 3 boxes

Ah Lian Durian minimum order: N/A

Ah Lian Durian delivery hours: 7PM – 9PM

Delivers islandwide: Yes

Order here

4. Durian Delivery


After hearing Singaporeans bemoan the lack of islandwide durian delivery services, the folks over at Durian Delivery made it their mission to focus on perfecting the art of durian delivery (which also explains their name, obviously).

In fact, their outlet in Macpherson Road is dedicated to facilitating deliveries and pick-ups; you can only dine-in if you make a reservation.

Unlike other traditional durian stalls, durians purchased are all dehusked and sold in airtight packaging to retain their freshness.

While their durians may be on the pricier side, Durian Delivery prides itself on freshness, insofar as offering free replacement if your durians aren’t fresh upon arrival. Well, we love a brand that’s confident!

Durian Delivery delivery charges: $9.70 for same-day delivery, $13.70 for express delivery. Free delivery for orders above $100.

Durian Delivery minimum order: N/A

Durian Delivery delivery hours: 10 AM – 12 Midnight

Delivers islandwide: Yes

Order here

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5. WTF Durian


Conveniently located at Fengshan 85 in Bedok, here’s a durian stall that has mastered the art of branding — a cute lil mascot and a head-turning name to boot! To help clear the air, WTF really stands for Wow That’s Fresh.

Apart from the fun aesthetics, WTF Durian also positions themselves as Mao Shan Wang specialists! While they do bring in D13s, this way, consumers like you and I are less likely to be crippled by hyper choice.

For shits and giggles, their disposable gloves come in cheeky condom-like packets (free with every order) — #safetyfirst.

WTF Durian delivery charges: $10 / Free delivery for orders over 6kg

WTF Durian minimum order: Min. 2KG

WTF Durian delivery hours: Depends on availability

Delivers islandwide: Yes

Order here

6. 99 Old Trees Durian


You may remember them from their quirky job ad posted on social media sometime last month:

That’s not all. One look at their social media feed and you can tell that they mean serious business. Unlike other durian shops, these guys enjoy posting photos of their team having an absolute ball of a time. The icing on the cake?

Their durians are really good. No surprises there, especially since they follow a stringent 3-step grading process. If you like them enough, you can even purchase some of their merch in the form of t-shirts and cooler bags. Who knows, it may end up being the next hypebeast uniform.

99 Old Trees delivery charges: $6.90 / Free delivery for orders over $100

99 Old Trees minimum order: N/A

99 Old Trees delivery hours: 3PM – 10PM

Delivers islandwide: Yes

Order here.

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7. The Durian Times


Here’s another hip durian store that’s a hit even with the celebrities and influencers (they have 3 Instagram Highlight Reels full of reposts)!

The Durian Times is located in Yishun, and boasts quite a range of durian types, from the OG Mao Shan Wang to other unique types like the Shu Kong and Dream Lover. If you’re on the lookout for newer and rarer types of durians, then we’d recommend this shop!

The Durian Times delivery charges: $10

The Durian Times minimum order: N/A

The Durian Times delivery hours: Depends on availability

Delivers Islandwide: Yes

Order here.

8. 211 House of Durian


Durian aficionados and/or Toa Payoh residents will surely have heard of 211 House of Durian. After all, they’re probably one of the few traditional durian stalls that offer durian buffets towards the end of the season.

Speaking of buffets and our love for stuffing ourselves silly, be sure to check out our local food tour guide here . (You can use your SingapoRediscovers vouchers!)

While their durians tend to be on the pricier side, they’ve been pretty consistent in terms of quality over the years.

211 House of Durian delivery charges: $10

211 House of Durian minimum order: N/A

211 House of Durian delivery hours: Depends on availability

Delivers islandwide: Yes

Order here.

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9. Mr. Durian


Here’s an old-school brand trying to keep up with the times, and we’re all for it! While its Instagram page is pretty scant compared to other competitors in the market (he’s more active on Facebook), Mr. Durian is actually quite the household name.

Located along Rangoon Road, it’s known for its wide variety of durians and impeccable service. What we like about this stall is the simplicity when it comes to placing an order. Nothing gimmicky — just a simple Google form to seal the deal.

Mr. Durian delivery charges: $10 / Free delivery for orders above S$160

Mr. Durian minimum order: N/A

Mr. Durian delivery hours: After 5PM

Delivers islandwide: Yes

Order here.

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