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Durian with your nasi lemak? Funky dish spotted in Kuala Lumpur eatery

Durian with your nasi lemak? Funky dish spotted in Kuala Lumpur eatery
PHOTO: Screengrabs/TikTok/Kl.foodie

Maybe curiosity kill the cat after all.

Nasi lemak paired with durian takes things to the extreme of food experimentation.

This funky combination was spotted in a Kuala Lumpur eatery, drawing the attention of netizens aplenty. 

Who could blame them? Eating durian alongside such a savoury dish isn't the most common way of enjoying the tropical fruit.

Furthermore, messing about with Malaysia's national dish may not always be the smartest of ideas, as a Canadian ex-minister recently found out.

Last Sunday (Sept 17), TikTok user KL Foodie posted a minute-long clip of this nasi lemak durian in all its glory.

The make-up of this dish is still relatively unchanged. From a mile away, you'd be able to spot it as nasi lemak.


Spotted Nasi Lemak Durian in KL 😱 📍In Between x Briyani Mak @ Jalan Titiwangsa, KL

♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] - Elliot Van Coup

But once you get closer and take a quick whiff, you'd know that something is amiss.

The essential ingredients of coconut rice, sambal, boiled egg, peanuts, anchovies and cucumber are all there.

What changes is the protein option. Instead of the typical fried fish or chicken, there's a seed of durian. 

Having a sweet-salty combination is almost always seen as a plus point for a food item. This time around though, it might be a bit of a stretch.

Regardless, for those who are keen, they can head to In Between x Briyani Mak to give this special nasi lemak a try.

The hip-looking eatery is situated underneath a flyover so you'll get aesthetics alongside your quirky dish.

If you have a specific favourite type of durian, not to worry. Diners can choose from either Musang King, XO or Blackthorn to go with their nasi lemak.

Netizens reacted rather emotionally in the comments section.

"First cheese, now durian. Next, there'll be a nasi lemak strawberry," a TikTok user commented, in Malay. 

Other netizens sarcastically suggested other odd-sounding dishes such as laksa durian or sambal milo.

Careful what you wish for.

Earlier in May, Malaysian food joint Menya Shi Shi Do launched its limited edition durian ramen.

Durian flesh combined with tonkotsu soup supposedly provides this dish with a "unique creamy taste".

While the dish is no longer on the menu, it might be worth keeping an eye on the restaurant as they've got wacky ideas aplenty.

Two months after introducing the ramen burger to the world, Menya Shi Shi Do launched an Italian-Japanese combo with a pizza ramen.

In case you're wondering what exactly this dish is, it's a slice of chicken pepperoni pizza drowned in a bowl of ramen, with toppings such as cherry tomatoes, olives, egg and capsicum.

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