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Elderly artist at Toa Payoh tears after making her first sale in days

Elderly artist at Toa Payoh tears after making her first sale in days
The artist displaying one of her items (left) and a collection of bags and bottle holders knitted by her (right).
PHOTO: Facebook/Jaya Dutta

A little goes a long way sometimes.

Jaya Dutta was at Toa Payoh MRT station last Friday (Aug 12) morning and came across an elderly woman whom she sees on the way to work every day.

This elderly woman is an artist in her own right, crocheting "for hours" while sitting on the ground.

Upon completing her pieces, she attempts to sell them to people making their way to or from the MRT station.

In a bid to support the woman, Jaya headed to the Facebook group Viral Kindness SG later that day and shared photos of the artist's crafts.

Jaya mentioned that her works are both "amazing and diverse". She told AsiaOne that she bought a bottle holder "for around $6".

Though it might have seemed like nothing more than a simple purchase, the artist was overwhelmed with emotion and eventually "broke into tears".

The latter explained that she was struggling and had no sales for the last few days.

While Jaya was keen to stress that she does not know the artist personally, she felt like she wanted to simply give a helping hand to someone who spends "long hours sitting and crocheting".

"She follows some pattern books and keeps making something new to attract more customers. She even takes customised orders," the post read.

In the accompanying video, colourful items such as bags and bottle holders could be seen on display. The artist also had a note stating that she is unable to find a part-time job and needs money to support her sister.

Jaya's kindness seemed to have rubbed off on other netizens. One applauded her efforts in raising awareness for the artist, another commented that they "will surely try to see her and buy in bulk".

So if you happen to find yourself at Toa Payoh MRT, why not head towards exit D and have a look-see at what this talented woman has to offer?

You could just score yourself a lovely piece of artwork.

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