EV charging locations in Singapore

EV charging locations in Singapore
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So, you couldn't wait for 2040, bought an EV, and now you're worried about finding public EV charging stations. We get it. Not all HDB or condominium carparks come equipped with the necessary infrastructure.

But what if I told you that EV charging stations are pretty accessible in Singapore?

Here's a list of EV charging stations to go to.

SP Group

SP Group encourages Singaporeans to adopt greener mobility options by allowing EV users to suggest more locations for EV charging stations via email.

It offers a 30-minute fast charge and even free parking at selected areas.

Where to find: Techlink, Shaw Centre, PLQ Mall, Great World, Tekka Place, Autobacs Ubi

Number of EV charging stations: 33 locations islandwide

Chargers offered: Type 2 AC and Combo 2 DC

Charging time: It depends on your vehicle, but SP Group advocates good EV user etiquette, so it recommends moving your car after 30 minutes of charging.

How to use: You need to download the SP Utilities app to start charging your EV.

Shell Recharge

Shell Recharge powered by Greenlots, a member of Shell group, ensures EV users can easily charge their EV cars anywhere, anytime.

For now, it has a 'Recharge And Receive' exclusive rewards program that offers $1 promotions for ready-to-eat items or drinks.

Where to find: Only at select Shell Stations - Dunman, Havelock, Newton Hooper, Bukit Batok Nature Park, Alexandra, just to name a few.

Number of EV charging stations: 18

Chargers offered: DC (50kW) and Type 2 AC (43kW)

Charging time: Its 50kW chargers can typically power up EVs within 30 minutes, but results may vary according to several factors like weather temperature, make and model of your car and battery. It costs $0.55 per kWh

How to use: Link your credit card to your Shell Recharge/Greenlots card, and you're good to go.


Known best for its EV car-sharing service in Singapore, BlueSG's opening up a couple of EV charging stations to the public. EV owners may charge their EVs at BlueSG's charging stations, but they must move their vehicles once charging is complete or face a fine.

Where to find: Roadsides, near HDB carparks, community clubs and schools

Number of EV charging stations: 1003 points across 253 stations

Chargers offered: Type 2 vehicle inlet

Charging time: $1 per hour, for the first three hours. Subsequently, its $2/hour. Their charging points supply an average of 3.7kW

How to use: You can sign up via BlueSG's website or app, but note that there's a subscription fee of $20/year

ChargeNow (Greenlots)

Also powered by Greenlots, ChargeNow is a mobility service from BMW that provides a network of EV charging stations in Singapore.

You can find the EV charging stations using BMW's in-vehicle navigation console, providing real-time status and pricing information.

Where to find: Marina Bay Sands, Funan Mall, Star Vista, Our Tampines Hub, Fraser Towers, One Shenton and AMK Hub


Number of EV charging stations: 73 public points across 40 stations, 126 private chargers across 53 condominiums

Chargers offered: 50kW, DC/43kW and AC/3.7kW/7.4kW

Charging time: It varies with the location. It's free at Marina Bay Sands, chargeable at $3/hour at LKC School of Medicine and Star Vista. It's $0.55 per kWh at Funan Mall and $0.50 per kWh at 9 Penang Road

How to use: Link your credit card to your Greenlots card, and you're all set


Plugshare is not a charging service, but we've listed it down as it'll save you a lot of time navigating multiple EV charging platforms.

It's an EV charging community that plugs information gaps by compiling all EV charging stations in Singapore. It ensures that EV users stay informed about the best EV charging stations nearest to them.

How to use: Key in your location to get an overview of the nearest EV charging stations. The EV charging stations displayed are from SP Group, Shell, BlueSG and Greenlots.

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Additional information: Besides informing users of EV charging rates and applicable parking fees, some locations briefly indicate if there are dining/restroom areas in the vicinity.

Parking hours, EV charger types, payment mode and parking lot numbers will be listed where possible.

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