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'Everything feels so expensive': Malaysia-based YouTubers shocked by cost of living in Singapore

'Everything feels so expensive': Malaysia-based YouTubers shocked by cost of living in Singapore
PHOTO: Screengrab/YouTube/iChang RM

Over the years, the Malaysian ringgit has weakened against the Singapore dollar.

The currency exchange rate stands at RM3.466 to a Singapore dollar, and Malaysia-based residents are feeling the pinch.

During a recent trip to Singapore, Malaysia-based YouTuber couple iChang RM were quick to notice how different the cost of living is between the neighbouring countries.

The Japanese couple, whose real names are Ai Nishida and Yusuke Nishida, crossed the border via Woodlands Checkpoint.

In getting to their first destination in Singapore, Ai and Yusuke were taken aback by how expensive Singapore can get.

While booking a Grab ride, they couldn't help but convert the fare from Singapore dollar to Malaysian ringgit.

Paying $21 for a Grab ride may seem acceptable to some but that works out to roughly RM72.

"I can go all the way to KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport)," Ai claimed.

Fancy dessert

During their stroll around Orchard Road, Ai and Yusuke came across a Lady M boutique at Orchard Central.

This luxury confections brand was set up in New York back in 2001 and has 39 boutiques worldwide. 

As they look through the daily selections, the couple were already doing mental calculations with the price conversion.

A $13 slice of cake roughly equates to RM44.

"Let's share one piece," Ai said to her husband as she laughed nervously.

Yusuke noted how she couldn't help but to convert the prices back to Malaysian ringgit.

Their dessert spread of two americano coffees, one chocolate eclair and mille crepe came up to $42.78. That's RM146 in case you are wondering.

 "Is it possible to set up a 12-month loan?" Yusuke jokingly asked.

Thankfully for the couple, the desserts met their expectations but they did mention how Lady M was likely to be a yearly visit affair at most.

"After [being] based in Malaysia, and coming to Singapore, everything feels so expensive," Ai admitted.

Hawker centres and coffee shops

The couple headed to a tourist hotspot when it comes to chicken rice, Maxwell Food Centre.

They opted for Maxwell Hainanese Chicken Rice due to the long queue.

Ai had her first mouthful and was not disappointed by the flavours.

"It must be eaten with the sauces," she exclaims.

The couple also managed to squeeze in a trip to a coffee shop in Toa Payoh to try another local favourite, bak chor mee.

Even before reaching the stall, Ai and Yusuke noted how "different" the atmosphere was compared with Malaysia.

The "colourful" and "flashy" design of the heartland coffee shop certainly surprised the couple.

And when the food arrived, it certainly delivered.

Ai was very happy to taste "so much umami" in every bite.

Despite ordering two large bowls of noodles ($7 each), they had no difficulty finishing up all the food.

Despite the 26-minute YouTube video being posted just two days ago, it has already garnered 78,000 views at the time of writing.

The YouTube channel has a huge following, largely in Malaysia, with around 382,000 subscribers.

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